Moving Between Scale Patterns

Learn how to choose which Major Scale pattern to play and the best way of switching between patterns.

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hi do the patterns for every other major scale follow the same shapes?

Yes. Using the CAGED system there are 5 pattern. Each pattern
is movable, the Root note determines the scales name.

Should I be able to play pattern 1 with confidence without looking at my fretting before I attempt to learn pattern 2? I am able to play it well while watching my fretting hand but it all goes south when I try it without looking. Is this something that develops over time or should I be focusing on this now before moving on?

It’s more important to be able to use the scale to play solos
Before learning pattern 2.
If you can’t use pattern 1 to make music learning pattern 2 won’t
make you a better player.

The only why to stop looking at your hands is to practice not
looking at your hand. You play the way you practice.

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Hello @Jenrm125 and welcome to the community.

As @stitch says, do not think of leaving pattern 1 behind unless you have learned to use it meaningfully, musically. You want to get it working for you immediately as a tool to create and be musical. You need to avoid learning multiple scale patterns if they are only patterns that your fingers can walk yet you have no idea what they are for.
Watch this for insight to this advice: When NOT To Learn Scales... |

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your thoughts. :slight_smile: Yes, I understand the importance of being able to use the scales musically. I am currently able to do so and enjoy it very much, but only while watching my fretting hand. I’ve decided to take a step back though and start practicing pattern 1 without looking. I’m able to do it but very slowly. I’m thinking I just need to break the bad habit I’ve formed of watching my fretting while I play.


Is there also a minor scale maestro course ?

Not as such.
There are sections about the minor scale (note, there are several minor scales) in the modes & scales sub-section and also in the theory lessons.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for another fantastic lesson! Just wanted to note I believe there is a typo in the written description for the lesson, under “1 - Restrict To Be Free”, it say’s ‘Bar far’ where I think it should say ‘By far’. Cheers!

Does anyone know the sequence of notes for the tune that Justin is playing in the G major scale on string 4?