Mr Crowley with Aerochix drummer

Here’s Mr Crowley with a guest drummer. She’s the drummer for Boston band Aerochix and stopped by for a practice. She couldn’t resist The Ripper’s new black cymbals!



Aleister Crowley, black ‘symbols’… more than a whiff of Sulphur around this hot performance :imp: :metal:

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Hi John,
That’s a nice relaxing early morning music :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Greetings Rogier

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Well that woke me up!

Another great recording John. You guys really know how to rock it.

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Great to see like minded people having a ball!

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The drummer fit right in with the band and did really well I think. Pretty tight for just sitting down and going for it!

I had to laugh though as I saw the pizza box and thought it was the “breakfast of champions”!

Good job on this one John, thanks for sharing!

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Glad people enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind comments!

Come see a show! If you’re in New England, we’ll be at the Hawg’s Pen in New Hampshire on June 10th. We’ve fiddled around with splitting shows with the Aerochix, I hope it happens, they’re really good.

When the time keeper does their job and everyone else follows along, things tend to flow pretty good, no matter who’s behind the kit. It took maybe the first verse and chorus to get a feel for her groove, then we just hop in the pocket.

There were about 20 people outside there listening to the practice. Someone brought Dunkin’

I had 2!

Superb guys, drummer was really great and got well with your groove! I would buy 4 doughnuts to each of you for such a great freebie gig :smile:

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Hi John,

Sounded great. You and the drummer were tight.
The guitarist is fantastic - did Randy proud.