Music and/or physical fitness

I have recently had a blood test done, and the results show somewhat high levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol which means I should get back to regular physical exercises. There’s a gym nearby so I’m planning to go there about 3 times per week and adjust my diet as well.

Here comes my question: are there any exercises that may have a negative effect on the ability to play the guitar? I’m not talking about working out until I drop, but movements or exercises that should be done more carefully or only in moderation.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I would say watch out for any back excercises especially when you start. Talk to an instructor or watch some youtube videos and see if you are doing it correctly in front of mirrors at the gym. Ones you should be careful with I would say is deadlift, squat and barbell bent over rowing as if you strain your back it will be painful to play.

Other than that wish you all the best, I had the same problem and finally dropped down below 190 level overall which is awesome!

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Au contraire, cardio and core exercises will benefit your breathing, posture and stamina! :wink:

Good luck!
(no luck has nothing to do with it… I wish you courage and persistence!)


If they have a pool at the gym then I’d say swim, swim, swim. It’s a great cardio and has very low impact on the body.

Good luck with whatever you do. Remember it’s all about consistency and not pushing yourself to the max every time you go. Get yourself a heartrate monitor and look for YouTube videos on rate of perceived exertion.

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Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: I used to work out regularly but about 3 years ago I stopped, and that was before I started playing. Today I did mostly cardio and a bit of bench press and overhead press. I hope I’ll be able to move around without difficulties tomorrow :smiley:

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Can you move today József? :smiley:

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I workout a fair amount and have not had any problems with any exercises affecting my ability to play guitar. Proper technique is key to avoiding injury to get that sorted and you should be fine.

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Yeah, no issues so far :slight_smile:

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I would say if you’re going to do heavy lifting, also do stretches and flexibility excercises. Those are always good ofc, but I would imagine sore/inflexible shoulders/chest would hamper your ability to play comfortably.

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The only negative effect exercising will have on your guitar playing is eating into your practice/playing time :face_with_monocle: