Music notation symbol not seen before


I’ve started looking at a Dire Straits tab book. A bit ambitious of me I know. But in it there is a symbol or line in both the score and that tab which I don’t know the meaning of. I’m hoping someone here may be ablebto tell me.

It looks like 2 virtical lines joined across the top by a dashed line. In some cases I see this symbol just joing 2 notes together and in others it joins the first and last note of a short phrase with other notes in between. I do have a photo which may help. I think it may be related to string bending some how.

In the photo you can see notes on the 8 and 10 fret joined by virtual lines with a dashed top. Then a bit further on you can a longer group of notes that seem to be connected by the dashed lined going across the bottom with multiple notes in between.

Thanks for the help


Wow. At first glance they look like octave signs to me, although the octave is not specified in your sheet music.

I can see some suggested/optional ties in the last 2 lines:

Is this from a physical book? Is there any explanation of the signs at the beginning?

Yeah it is from a book. But no explanation of these signs. Just the usual tab ones are explained.

How does it sound on the record?

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Octaaf lijnen

Octaaf (Ottava) lijnen worden gebruikt om aan te geven dat een gedeelte van de muziek één of meer octaven boven of onder de geschreven toonhoogte gespeeld moeten worden. De lijn kan gestippeld of doorgetrokken zijn. Ottava’s zijn beschikbaar in het lijnen palet van de basis en geavanceerde werkruimtes.

8─────┐of 8va─────┐: Speel een octaaf hoger dan de geschreven toonhoogte
8─────┘of 8vb─────┘: Speel een octaaf lager dan de geschreven toonhoogte

8va alta/bassa lijnen zijn gebruikelijk in piano muziek maar worden ook gebruikt in andere instrumentale muziek.
1 15ma alta (2 octaven hoger) en 15ma bassa (2 octaven lager) worden ook af en toe gebruikt.

Debussy. Études, Boek II, X
Hope this helps in Dutch :blush:

But I would advise what Alexey says …play/find listen to the sound

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