Music Room - can you recommend me a suitable chair please?

Hi all, I’ve almost(at last) finished repurposing a spare bedroom for use as a music room.
I have a keyboard in there,and want to have a play around with music production. It will also be ‘home’ to my guitars, amps etc.
Bit of a random question, but need a chair that is comfortable enough for computer (all things Cubase) but also to double up for use when playing guitar. If the room was bigger, I’d buy two chairs - one for each job, but struggling for space
Any ideas/recommends??
Thanks in advance, Frank

Hi Frank. Do a search for ‘chair’ and you’ll get quite a few links to various threads. Chairs and seating positions are popular topics here.


Cheers for that - sorry I’d have known that if I used the forum more often!!:upside_down_face:

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I just use a plain old gas lift desk chair without arms. Seems to work fine. I lower it a bit when playing and raise it a bit when doing computer stuff.

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Any chair with no arms, adjustable height, and back support is my favorite. I use a padded drummer’s stool with a back support, but an office chair with removeable arms and a good height and back adjustment should work fine. I prefer a chair without rollers, because I prefer the stability of a chair that won’t move until I want it to.

Your chair should be comfortable enough to sit in for hours, promote good playing posture, and have enough adjustment range so you can find your preferred height and then lock it in that position. My preferred seating height is with my thighs horizontal and my feet flat on the floor (about 23"), but you need to find what fits you best through experimentation.

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