Music Theory Course Access

Hey all, I’m looking at purchasing the music theory course. Do I only have access to the content while I have an active subscription? Would love to pay a one-time fee to have it forever.


I’m also the kind of person that prefer to pay a one-time fee and have it forever.

But, unfortunately, the music theory course is now a monthly or yearly subscription. So you do loose access to the content after your subscription expires. :frowning:

Justin is making pdf workbooks for each grade so you can at least keep that as study notes as we know that memory fades.

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That’s unfortunate - thank you though!

My money is tight at the moment. But I felt Justin is such a great teacher I tried the sub for the theory course.

After a month I realised to really let it sink in you need to be able to try some barre chords in practice, which I still needed to get better at. So I paused the sub at the time.

Now I drill the Major Theory until I feel ready to tackle the Minor and subscribe again.

I feel it‘s better to give it some time anyway as it‘s a lot of information to digest and memorize, and is best used alongside learning to transcribe, jam and improvise.

As mentioned you can download worksheets and all you need to work on it on your time, without beeing subscribed until you feel you want to progress and sub again for the next blocks of lessons.

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Agreed. I made my own notes for PMT modules 1 - 4.3 and also downloaded the PDF workbooks. There is far too much content for me to say that I’ve properly digested it all over the last 6 months whilst at the same time mastering beginner guitar courses 1+2, so I’m not resubscribing until I feel properly ready to move on - which may not be for 3 or 4 months.

However, I would say that I’ve learned more in the last 6 months on Justins theory course than I ever did from the few books that I bought on it in the past.