Music Theory Learning - when can I start?

Hey everyone, I’ve just started Justin’s grade 1 course and I need some help with learning music theory. I wanna know WHEN can I start studying it, I mean learning scales, their degrees, notes in different scales, how to use walk-up and walk-down, etc. I’d really appreciate any help🙏

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Hi and welcome to the Community. Just follow Justin’s course and you will get there sooner rather than later :wink: good luck!

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Erfan, you can commence with the PMT course at any time during your learning. The first two levels are free, thereafter a subscription is required (it is one of the few such courses).

I would suggest trying to keep the music theory in sync with your progress through grade 1 and 2. For example, wait until Justin introduces the major scale in Grade 2 before studying the theory. It is after all a practical approach so you should not get so deep into theory that it gets far ahead of your ability to apply it in your learning to play.


The short answer is now, though with some of the considerations and cautions to keep in step with your playing that have already been stated.
Good luck with the learning.

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Hello Erfan,

If you’ve got the time and the inclination I say hook in. Not only will it help you where you’re currently at, but it’ll allow you to process new information more effectively. That means more efficient time on the guitar I started it early on, and its been pivotal in my progress.

Cheers, Shane

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Much obliged sir for your time and explanation :pray::pray:

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Much appreciated​:pray::pray:

Thanks for your time buddy🙏


I would say straight away, if you’re inclined to do so. You already got very good advices here. The main thing is the word “practical”, as long as the theory course will make you grab your guitar and explore it you’ll know to be on the right track.

I did the Grade 1 Theory lessons and passed the test, as suggested in the main course Module 7. Grade 2 Theory looks to contain lessons on notes, tab and chord boxes. At what grade in the main course should we be comfortable with these topics? For example, would it help me in Grade 2 main course to complete Grade 2 Theory first?