Music Theory Live Class - The First Live Class of 2024!

Just had notification via email of the above, which is good, but its tomorrow Tuesday, January 9, 20:30 GMT (just over 24 hours notice), which is not good!! Perhaps a couple of days or a weeks notice might be better. We do have lives outside JG :slight_smile:

@Stuartw we had lots of notice, this date was provided back in December. I have had tomorrow’s class in my calendar for quite some time (although unfortunately I won’t be able to attend as I have 3 appts tomorrow now!)


OK. Must have missed that as can’t recall seeing the original email. Todays email read like a first post of the class (it has a confirm attendance button) and not a reminder of one from last year. It could have been worded better!

Can anybody see me if I turn on my video? Last zoom meeting i turned on my video, i didn’t see anyone except hosts and perfomers.

Just noticed this. Confessedly had ignored the previous emails since they were just increasing my anyways bad conscience for having given up on really practicing and not being active here…

I will be in over my head. But I’m really looking forward to this :smiley:

anyone know what happened to class 3? 1&2 are posted but no 3