Music Theory Live Class with Justin | The Easiest Theory Lesson Ever

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:musical_score: Don’t miss out on the exclusive Practical Music Theory Live Class with Justin! Enhance your guitar playing by uncovering the secrets of music theory. Explore pitch, notes, sharps, flats, scales, chords, and more. :guitar: Learn a visual trick to easily figure out chords in a key. Understanding Music Theory will elevate your skills, making it easier to learn new songs, create music, and improvise.

Happening on May 21; register your interest here!


Hi Fanny is this one for non subscribers ? Just wondering as I can think of a couple of folk who may benefit, that I might nudge. :thinking:

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Hi Toby :wave: Yes - this one is open to non subscribers too!!


Cool, will DM a couple of punters.
Thanks for confirming Fanny.


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