Music Theory / Premium Courses payment options

I was wondering if there’s any other payment options for the music theory course (or plans to expand the current options)? Currently it seems like it’s only offered through credit card purchases. Unless I’m missing something.

@larynejg can you help Marco out with this?


@stitch Thanks Rick, I’ll drop her an email as well.


Hey @MarcoD96 - we currently offer payments via credit card only for subscriptions! If you’d like to get the Lifetime version, please email me at, and I’ll send instructions on how to get it via Direct Deposit! Cheers.


And thank you, @DavidP and @stitch; it’s been a crazy busy week, but great things are coming (including an interactive Quiz for Music Theory students!)

Thank you Laryne, I was indeed looking to purchase lifetime access. Will probably be beginning of next year so I’ll reach out by email by then, but it’s good to know ahead of time!

Also thanks @stitch and @DavidP!

@larynejg Can you or anyone confirm for me whether the $9.99 / 6 months option for this course means $9.99 in total for 6 months access or $9.99 per month for 6 months which would be $59.94 in total? Thanks.

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Hello! $9.99 billed once for a 6-month access! :slight_smile:


That’s super, Laryne. Thanks!!

Great. I’ve just joined the site and had exactly the same question so thanks @larynejg or providing the answer :slight_smile: