Musicians explaining technique, etc - do you have favourites?

Yesterday I stumbled on this video of Bernard (Pretty) Purdie demonstrating the Purdie shuffle. No unnecessary frills, just laying down a steady groove while talking about it at the same time. How cool is that?

Do you have other examples where the attitude of the player is already worth more than a thousand words?


That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!
@SILVIA Talking about rhythm…that’s where the journey goes :joy: I amire drummers, but I’d go completely mad, if I had to do that :see_no_evil:

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He’s a hoot to watch and listen to. Great enthusiasm. My wife and I agree that we get as much enjoyment from a musician’s obvious enjoyment of what they do as we do from their talent. If we see an act that looks bored, even if they are of good talent, it turns us off.


That was very interesting, an old school drummer!
My introduction is to another drummer, a very talented one who I have followed (together with her two sisters) since the start of this diary of her progress from an early age! She is only 4’11” tall but is a bundle of dynamite :joy:
This is Paulina from the Mexican band The Warning, she is also a singer songwriter for the band. I am really impressed with her playing and have been for quite some time so yes I am biased!
It’s a bit long but it covers her progress very well and shows her talents to the full!


I found this video a few days ago. Sir Paul explains and demonstrates the mellotron. Got to love his laid back attitude.

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A lot of dynamics discussions from Segovia. Audio is a bit rough, unfortunately.