Mustang micro by fender

Hi guys!

I am wanting to get this headphone amp here: Mustang™ Micro | Guitar Amplifiers (I hope it is visible outside from Germany).

Does any one have experience with this headphone amp? Do you think it would work with a looper Pedale?
I have zero experience with this stuff …

I would be glad for any piece of advice from you! :slight_smile:


I have the Mustang Micro. It won’t work with a looper since there would be no way to play the loop back from the looper into the micro. there is one input for your guitar signal and you can listen to backing track via bluetooth at the same time. The best use is to play along with a lesson playing on a computer/tablet via bluetooth and using a wired headset to monitor(does not support a bluetooth headset), It is a good headset amp with a dozen amp models. It is portable so iyou can practice anywhere/anytime you want without dsiturbing your family. decent battery life. you can play for several hours before recharging. you can’t use it with a looper.

not sure what you budget is but the best solution for a looper would be an amp with an effects loop with the effects loop you can have one sound for your rythym and a different sound for you lead.

You can use a looper on an amp without an effects loop but the rythym and lead parts will have the same sound. You can find a bunch of info on the net about effect loops.

Hope this helps

Or you can use a looper in front of the amp, but use pedals in front of the looper. This is the more traditional way of using a looper.

The pedals could be individual pedals or a multifx unit.



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Yes, you can use the micro with a looper. Connect your guitar to the looper input with a guitar cable. Plug the Fender micro into the looper output. Connect your headphones to the micro.

The things to consider are:

  1. You are recording the dry signal from your guitar into the looper. Any effect you apply with the micro will affect the whole loop. As PC429 pointed out, you can’t record a clean rhythm and then overdub with a distorted lead tone.

  2. Every time you want to adjust the fender micro you will need to lean over to the pedal which is probably going to be on the floor.

  3. You might need an extension cable for your headphones. e.g.

Another option is the nux mighty plug pro mp3

The settings are more easily adjusted by using an app on your phone. But you will have the same issue with effects. They will be applied to the whole loop.

Do you have an amp with a headphone out jack?


:+1:t3: makes sense. I don’t have a pedal set up so i missed the obvious!

Thanks to everybody who responded! :slight_smile: that is a great idea with the looper paddle, thank you all so much

I don’t even have an amp :smiley: but right now I will move from Germany to Brazil, that’s why I am interested in these small headphone amps…

IMO you would be better with a floor multifx unit. There are many models which are compact, and portable (Boss GT-1, Zoom G1X Four, etc.) and you can plug your headphones into those and use them. Most of these also come with a built-in looper, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

IMO, having external pedals and all of the cables (and, potentially, power supplies if you don’t want to run off batteries) negates the benefits of a plug-in headphone amp like the Mustang Micro.



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Thank you so much! It now seems obvious, but I haven’t really thought about it that way. Especially because I already have an headphone amp, that I wanted to upgrade with the mustang. :slight_smile:


I have the Fender Mustang GT-40 modeling amp, but I purchased the Fender Mustang Micro headphone amp for convenience. I just keep plugged in the guitar with small headphones, so I can take down my guitar from the hanger and try something with out plugging in cables, etc.

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I’m tempted by the Fender Micro Amp myself, would allow me to take my Strat wherever I go and practice freely

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@Scratch1234 Yes, it would be great for travel, although I have not taken the Strat traveling. I just took a cheaper acoustic guitar. The Fender Micro folds up flat against the front of the Strat, so you could keep it on the guitar in the travel bag.

The only problem I have found is that you have to wrap the earphone or headphone cord around the back of the guitar when you play. If Fender would make a Micro amp with built in BlueTooth or wireless capability for wireless earbuds, they would have a massive demand for their Micro amp.

@Majik @GreenRider I haven’t tried it (I have the Mustang Micro), but I discovered that BOSS has released the GT Pocket modeling amp, which seems to have a lot of features of the GT-1 but in a size that will fit in a pocket and is about the same price as the Mustang Micro. It has Blue Tooth. Links with phone app and appears to be a good travel amp. Hmmm - I may have been hit with GAS again.

Yes, I have the Pocket GT and it is a nice piece of kit.

My advice to GreenRider stands though, as the pocket GT doesn’t have floor pedals or a looper. So if the ability to change patches with a foot switch or to use a looper are required, he would be better with a floor FX unit like the GT-1.

By the way, the Bluetooth on this connects to the phone to allow you to play audio from the phone through the Pocket GT (e.g. for backing tracks). It cannot be used to play audio to wireless earbuds.



@Majik Thanks. Good info to know. The GT-1 would be a better choice for his needs.

Boss pocket GT looks pretty cool for $100 USD. Sweetwater give a nice rundown on the features.

IMO although the YouTube import/play-along features are cool, they are also very limited to the point where they are often useless.

I would say around 90% or more of the times I have tried to import a track from YouTube, the YouTube copyright restrictions do not allow it. This includes song instructional videos from Justin and others and even some backing tracks I uploaded to my own YouTube account and marked as unlisted.

You can import MP3s from your phone or tablet, and this works well, although I have found I tend to prefer other applications for looping and song slow-downing (which the Pocket GT app does not do).

Because the Bluetooth is standard audio streaming, you can play any audio from the phone/tablet to the Pocket GT from just about any app (including the JustinGuitar app). Most commonly, I use an app called Music Speed Changer.

In theory, anyone producing an instructional video in a song could also publish a list of markers that people could import, but I’ve not found anyone doing this.

So, for me, I just treat it as a portable amp with integrated Bluetooth streaming. And for this it is very good indeed.

I just wish it had a belt clip.



Amen. My biggest problem with the Mustang Micro is the earbud cord tends to get hung up on the guitar and I end up pulling the bud(s) out of my ear.

BIG pain in the a$$.

Be safe


You right lol, I put a reply in here last night before bed and its not here now … :sob: :cry:


I got it anyway.

Sweet dreams.

Stay safe

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@Scratch1234 That’s my travel rig - electric guitar, Mustang Micro, in-ear headphones. It all fits in a guitar case and I’m good to go!