Mustang Sally Not Working in Songs

Hi there,

Not sure where to post this, but all I am getting is a blank page when I try to access Mustang Sally in the Songs.

Has it been removed, is there a problem with the link or is it something my side?


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Hi Emma, it works fine for me, on my prehistoric Mac.

Chrome via Win 10 and all is well Emma. Restart, reboot, power off/on maybe needed ??

Hi, I am using Chrome but on a Mac. It also didn’t work on my iPad. Wondering if it’s an Apple issue. I did try it on Safari and it didn’t work on that either.

Sorry Emma I only have Windows and Android, so can’t offer anything for your platforms, Hopefully, someone will be along who can.

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I have Chrome on a mac and it works for me.

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I’m on a Mac with Firefox - works fine. So it’s not a (general) Apple issue.

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I’m using Chrome on an iPad and it is working fine for me Emma. Have you tried deleting cookies and restarting the browser?

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I think some behind-the-scenes stuff was happening for a short period yesterday.
Can you update please Emma?
Working on my Win 10 laptop.

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It’s working on my laptop and my iPad now thank you. :smiley: