Muting Strings Deliberately

Thank you for your explanation. So I am not doing anything wrong and it is just a matter of practice. like most problems on the guitar journey.

What is meant by ‘single lines’? Justin refers to it in the video at 2:00. Does it mean any time an individual note is played on it’s own that it’s played for an exact count? Have tried Googling and not really found an explanation but found this further forward in Grade 5 -

A single line is just a sequence of notes played individually.

Oh ok - so it’s any note played on it’s own rather that how long a note is played for? Thank you.

Yes, single note lines refer to melodies where one note is played at a time. As for “how long a note is played for”, check the time signature of the given piece.

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Just curious - what advice would you give when using the picking hand to mute the highest strings (i.e., G B E) on a stratocaster-shaped guitar? Reason I ask is because I notice the volume knob gets in the way as I manuever my hand to mute.

I tend to mute the higher strings with my left hand and lower strings with right hand.

The riff in The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy uses the E minor pentatonic as well. Fun one to practice for sure!