My 2nd recording - Green Day, Holiday

Hi everyone,

This is my 2nd post here. This video is supposed to be part of a ‘project’ where I learn a few songs enough so that I can record them, before continuing to Grade 4 after Grade 3 (as a consolidation). After my first video there has been quite a bit of delay, but this is mostly because we started playing together with a couple of my friends, so I had to practice those songs more and didn’t have time for my own stuff.

I actually did more than one takes, and corrected a mistake by editing the audio there (pasting in one chord from another take), so there is one place in the video where it is quite wonky. I hope that this doesn’t count as cheating or anything :smiley:

Any feedback is welcome, I think that the solo was out of time somewhat, but other than that I’m quite proud of the thing.



a very enjoyable rendition, András, timing and fingering all good. Tbh I didn’t notice the edit on one play through, I’d probably have to try a few times to spot it! It’s not cheating as you’ve explained the edit. It would only be cheating if you pretended it was done in one take!

If you were to route the headphone cable under your arm and up your back, it wouldn’t interfere with your fretting hand which risks distracting you.


:sunglasses: :metal: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Great performance of a very cool song! I enjoyed it a lot. :smiley:
You really did a great job with all these fast chord changes.
I especially liked the solo.

You rock! Keep up the great work :notes: :guitar:

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Nice and good choice on the song

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Very well played. Good timing, clean changes between well played chords. Really enjoyed it.


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I love that song and you played it really well.
I also didn’t noticed the edit and don’t worry, it’s not cheating. Yes, if you wanna play live, then you won’t have a second take, but as long as you want a recording that’s not supposed to be “one take” or “live” it’s fine, at least that’s my opinion.
As for the song I can point out the solo, I think it sounds better with these last ringing notes played on each beat and this is how it’s played on the record. And that 4th interval in the intro doesn’t sound right, that’s how Justin teachs it, but it’s just not present in the song. You just have to keep playing it and with time and practice it’s gonna become smooth and fluid. Other than that I have nothing else to say, really, you did great.
And thanks for reminding me about Holiday, because I don’t play it often enough and it’s already a bit rusty. So I’ll better go practice.

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Oh Yeah, love to see some greenday. Great job!

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Hello Andras, that was super cool :sunglasses::+1:.
I love this song, and your rendition of it was very enjoyable. Great job on the solo, too :clap::clap::clap:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Sounded great! Definitely on my list at some point to work on this song.

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Give it a try, in my opinion it’s much easier than Basket Case.

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Very well done and a fun watch and listen!

Agreed. And you don’t have to tune down to Eb. :rofl:

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Nicely done! :clap: