My 4e AVOYP : Boys Round Here

Man !!! Really, I once thought strumming would be the easy part!!!…. Young and naive. This is BOYS ROUND HERE by BLAKE SHELTON. A great song for practicing strumming.

Thank you guys who introduced me to KARAOKE VERSION web site. This is the candy store. Really. First thank to TOBY JENNER (TheMadman_tobyjenner) who gave me a very instructive explanation of this site and how to use it. Thank you very much! I kept all the instruments except the rhythm guitar. Played it more electric than on the CD which was more acoustic. Not an aesthetic choice… Really. It just sounded worst when I played it acoustic. :wink:

Before I leave, let me share my joy with you guys and introduce the new babe in the family, the Epiphone Sheraton 1989 I’m playing on this song. I just bought it yesterday from my friend Jean-Pierre. Thank you Jean-Pierre, I will take good care of her. Don’t worry.


Good day you all.


Great job on that one, Luc! I’m with you, strumming is haaaaard! But you nailed that, well done! Fun listen, sounded great and your new guitar looks cool! :clap::clap::clap::sunglasses:

Sounded pretty good to me, Luc, and a beautiful guitar.

Well done!

Nice job Luc, and wish you lots of fun with your new guitar!!!

Happy NGD Luc. Well done, some steady strumming and clean chords there.
The next stage is to memorise the chord changes and rhythm and play the song without looking at the screen and then play it with the screen turned off.

Best take a listen following the name check ! :rofl:

For starters happy NGD that Epi looks sweet.

Thought that was nicely played, as normal and glad you kept your guitar level up enough for it not get swamped by the BT. It stood out well and was clearly audible, some solid rhythm and a very nice tone.

Well done Luc !


Luc, that was some great playing and the guitar sounded sweet. Happy NGD day as well, that is a lovely looking instrument.

Hey guys (@nzmetal, @DavidP, @Eddie_09, @sairfingers, @TheMadman_tobyjenner, @SgtColon) :bangbang: Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging words. Very appreciated. And as an extra, I learned a new guitar word (excuse my french…) with NGD :grin: :exclamation: Actually, my wife didn’t see me very much this last week-end… :grinning: :sunglasses:


Hi Luc,
Nice workout,… :smile: :sunglasses: :clap:,…I saw your pain start :blush:
And ofcourse a belated Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:,…really nice one

Nice job Luc, and yep that guitar’s a stunner, enjoy!!

Nice job Luc, good progress on your strumming. Timing sounded great.

I reckon you looked a little tense in your strumming arm. Try to keep it relaxed and fluid. It will be easier once you get it.

Thank you guys (@roger_holland, @Notter, @jkahn), your comments, your good words are very appreciated. Really. And yes JK I was kind of experimenting on the spot passing from a wrist strumming motion to an arm strumming motion. There’s something like a weight thing with the arm motion seems to help (I think) me with the stable rythm. It was goind fast in my head. The first tension was I think in my head (working to much :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…). Thanks again!