My blues licks and samples!

Hey how ya doin’ ;). I’d like to share a couple of blues licks I recorded after going through Justin’s Blues Course (and just totally falling in love with the blues, and the course). They’re more samples than songs, but I hope you enjoy them! I’d love to create more and if there’s a particular one you like, please let me know and I will try to turn it into a song! Thanks for listening.

Bacon and Eggs Stream Bacon And Eggs by audionook | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
Not Ready Stream Not Ready by audionook | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

P.S. There are other samples as well on my soundcloud at “audionook”!


Guitar play on both sounded pretty cool, Shobit. I prefered Bacon and Eggs, largely because the rhythm and percussion on Not Ready sounded quite electronic/sampled to me and I prefer what sounds more like instruments.

I suggest you post a short intro over in #community-hub:introduce-yourself. A little personal background, guitar history, and goals as a member of the Community.

Look forward to more music from you.

Very nice! It’s a great way to consolidate blues course by recording songs. You just inspired me to try doing that again. :slight_smile:

I prefer the “Not Ready”. It makes me groove, I feel it. :smiley: :guitar: I like how you add more and more layers as the song goes on. Tone of the guitar is sweet too.

Definately prefer Bacon and Eggs.

Hi Shobit

Some nice tones going on there and licks put to good use, Like the Southern Rock vibe to E&B if I had to choose.


Sounds bloody great Shobit!

Thank you @DavidP. Yes, I did get a little carried away there with the Not Ready percussions hahaha. It was my first time recording in Ableton and I was overwhelmed with excitement at all the little samples they have. I appreciate your honest feedback!

Thank you @kamkor! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the groove! I was listening to a lot of Poolside (the band) so I think it seeped into the song. If you haven’t heard them I’m sure you’ll enjoy their groove as well! ‘Feel Alright’ by them is my favorite.

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Oh I’m glad to hear that! Thanks for giving it a listen @Libitina! I appreciate it.

Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner! I truly appreciate your feedback! Yes, I was listening to a lot of ZZ Top when I recorded that so the Southern Rock is quite obvious isn’t it haha.

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Thank you @twistor59! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening : )

So good! I loved Bacon & Eggs. Especially that part of your riff where the guitar wails. I hear some blues and I think - nah, I’m not really a blues guy. Then I hear this rock n roll style blues and love it, wish I could play this stuff!

Cheers. :+1: Thank you for the recommendation. Very nice song. :slight_smile:

Sweet playing there Shobit.

I too preferred bacon and eggs, I thought it had a great groove. I was really getting in to it and then it ended. I know that you should always keep em thirsty for more. :smiley: