My cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

This is my cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as taught by Justin. It’s kept pretty simple. The only tricky part was switching to the Fmaj barre chord, as sometimes I “deaden” the sixth string with my ring finger accidently. Something I’ll keep working on. Hope you enjoy!


Beautiful singing and good skills on the guitar Benji! I tend to think this song is way overplayed, but now I think I’ll give Justin’s lesson a try. Thanks for the song.

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Very pleasing performance of a great song: steady pick, keeping time and a fine voice. (I agree with @mfeeney0110 this song is way overplayed with some dreadful renditions.) Your’s is a great version, faithful to the original and reconfirms the song’s greatness.


Well played, Benji, and your vocal gives a great rendition of the song’s lyric. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Jut love this song Benji and what a great job. Really liked the slap stops, nice work. Solid vocal and very solid playing. I did get slightly distracted by the exceptionally long tails on your guitar strings :rofl:

Hello from a fellow Texan! You truly are a great singer to me. Love your vocal tone. Great guitar player too. You gave it your own personal touch on the muting parts. All in all, a very enjoyable performance of this well-known classic.

Nice play, fingerstyle and vox! Great job and sounded good on this end. Back in 22’ I covered the Bon Jovi version of this. It was a lot different than your nice fingerstyle version though. A different take on it is good to hear…

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Thanks Brian, yeah, I guess this song is a victim of it’s own success…

Hi Benji, I’m enjoying much listening to your cover, it’s very well played and sung. As Brian wrote your rendition is faithful to the original and that also makes it a great listening already. I love playing and singing this song too but I haven’t worked out that bass notes C-G-C chords connection at the end of the verses yet.