My cover of Mr. Tambourine Man as taught by Justin

Well I had trouble playing this one slowly, something about the strumming pattern, but I’m ready to move on… Hope you enjoy!


Hey Benji!

Wow! Great job.

it’s quite a committment to learn to play a classic like this one with so many lyrics and then put the harmonica on top of the whole thing. Really welll done. You’ve definitely got this song under your fingers.

I noticed your comment with the post about not being able to play the progression slowly and thought I might make a suggestion after listening. Unless, as you also said, you are completely ready to move on, then stop reading now. :rofl:

Not sure if you were listening to Dylan’s version of this tune or the Byrds version. Maybe you lsitened to both. My suggestion would be to listen to Dylan’s version and check out how he uses bass note + strum to highlight the chords. The rhythm really revolves (it seems to my ear, anyway) around using the bass notes plus faster down and up strums. The true difficulty comes with the cadence of the lyrics in time with the rhythm of the chords. . . .anyway, just a suggestion.

I love the tune and it’s always incredible to hear the magical lyrics that Dyaln always came up with back in the day. I guess there’s a reason or two the Nobel committee decided to give him that prize.

Hope you keep blowin the harp and loving your guitar journey!!

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Sounded like the Bob Dylan version to me, not a bad attempt at all, well done!
You might like to have a look at the Byrds version, it’s slower and easier!

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That’s quite a workout Benji. Impressive to sing that from start to finish and add the harmonica while keeping the rhythm solid. Well done.

Did you memorise the lyrics or use a sheet … no shame in the latter :grin:

Hi Benji, that was a really impressive performance. So well done on the fast strumming pattern the whole song through. I guess, that took a lot of practice. Your voice suited so well and - on top - the harmonica. (Tbh, I really admire people who are able to play two instruments simultaniously.)

The only minor thing you could improve for your next recording, is to increase the volume of the vocals. The guitar was very dominant in this one, and you have a nice voice. There is really no need to hide it :smiley:.

Thanks a lot for sharing. It was a very enjoyable listen :clap: :+1: :smiling_face:.

Hey Beni well done that was definitely a high energy song. Great job

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Good stuff Benji. You got a pretty good Dylan vibe there. I loved the harp. :smiley:
I agree with the previous comment about hitting the bass notes of the chords. That would stop your chords sounding repetitive and perhaps help you slow down, I felt you were racing through the song a bit.

To get a better sound balance between guitar and vocal (not easy when recording with what I assume was your phone) I’d suggest facing the phone. Your guitar sound hole was pointing at the phone mic but you were facing and singing over your left shoulder. Perhaps you were reading the lyrics in which case put your lyric sheet beside the phone.

A enjoyable listen though, I look forward to hearing more from you.

thanks jgott! Yeah, I think playing along with Dylan’s recording would help, and I’ll do that going forward. I was just burned out on practicing and ready to move on for the time being. Listening to Dylan really got me into guitar many years ago, so it’s a great feeling to get one of his tunes down (sort of) as he played it.
Thanks for the listen and suggestions,

I memorized then lyrics, finally, after about 50 takes… :grin:

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Thanks Nicole! Yeah I’m recording with a GoPro so the vocals tend to get lost when I strum a song. Hopefully I can get some proper recording equipment within a few months…

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For the record, I actually remembered all of the lyrics! After about 50 takes… :grin: I will definitely work on hitting those bass notes as I work on improving the performance going forward. I think that’s something I need to do in general as well. I miss bass notes pretty regularly, its become a bad habit I guess… So I’m using a GoPro as my phone sounds even worse. Hopefully I’ll get proper recording equipment soon. I’ll take your advice about singing in the direction of the GoPro… :+1:

Oh my gosh, that is quite something, Benji

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Wow! Not an easy feat. I know Dylan has a teleprompter (or some other similar memory aid) at most of his shows. . .imagine trying to remember the lyrics of a canon of songs like the one Dylan has . . .anyway, always a good thing to have the lyrics in the ole noggin. . . you don’t need wifi to sing it. . . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. Well done. Singing and playing at the same time is a challenge enough for many, throwing a harmonica in on top of that. Consistent timing through as well. You’ve certainly practiced your heart out here! Looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:

Heh, the advantage of the Byrds’ version: they only sing the chorus and the 2nd verse. (Although, I do think the last verse may have the most perfect lyrics in any song ever.)

Btw, the structure of Mr. Tambourine Man is odd, since the song starts with the chorus. I can’t off the top of my head think of another song that does that.

Hi Benji,

Great job on the harmonica.
Got to admit I’ve always preferred the Byrds version. (Sacrilege, I know. :))
The playing really did rattle along - great stamina needed for all that strumming.


Thanks Trish! Keep an ear out for the next one… :blush:

Thanks Jwaters!

Hi jjw1, Justin mentions in the lesson that a lot of folk songs start off with chorus, just fyi…
Thanks for giving a listen!

Thanks for giving it a listen Digger!