My Cover of These Days, Nico Style

Awsome!! Benji!! Impressive fingerpicking and singing!!
Cool song, never heard it before.
And the best backup and rattle player i have heard in a long time!!

Well done!!

Thanks for giving a listen Jackmanian!

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Hi twistor, thanks for giving a listen! No, this is a standard way of doing a variation of a Travis pick.

She’s a natural!.. :grin: Thanks for giving a listen tRond! Go check out the original Jackson Browne and Nico’s cover with the Velvet Underground… I’m sure they’ll be worth your time.

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Really nice guitar work, and that’s the focus of my listening on all AVoYP tracks. I preach stylizing one’s playing and finding your own voice on the instrument. Those are the two hills I am willing to succeed or fail on.

I have such profound reverence for the original Jackson Browne track that I would never even attempt covering this song. It’s to the point of being emotional for me. So hats off for your take! Well done.

Thanks for giving a listen CT! I understand, it’s a really emotional song.