My Cover of These Days, Nico Style

Many years ago my guitar teacher in St. Louis, Mo. taught me Nico’s version of Jackson Browne’s These Days. I recorded it a few weeks ago so I could share with the community here. It’s one of my all time favorites. Thanks for giving it a listen. (Back up vocals and baby rattle by my 4 month old daughter… :smile:.)


Nicely played, some nifty chord changes well executed. Beyond my level to suggest any improvements.

Hi Benji - that was really good. I’m a big VU / Nico fan - I might take a look at that myself :slight_smile:

Wow, impressive fingerstyle playing and singing, Benji! :smiley: :clap:

That was a pleasure to listen to. You’re daughter is doing well on backing you up already. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this lovely rendition with us.

Nice play and vox, seems you are very accomplished… But what is teaching you, I might ask?


A real fun listen. And I love your finger picking.
Very well done.

Wonderful your getting your daughter into the music early. Well done…


Excellent performance. I haven’t heard the song before (and would never have imagined Nico covering Jackson Browne). Really enjoyed your version.


Well done brother! I never heard the song before, but it has a very nice ring to it. Chord changes were mostly fluid as well. I’m a particular fan of finger style and you have done a good job. The rhythm fell off a bit in a couple of places and seems went right off for a bar or so at the end, you caught er and brought it back, so well done again, so other than that. Well done!


Good job. Really enjoyed your playing and singing. Very catchy finger pattern. Great that your getting the family band together at an early age. :clap::clap::clap: Best wishes Alan

Thanks for giving a listen skinnyt… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks mathsjunky. Maybe Justin has some VU lessons…

Thanks Lisa!.. :grin:

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Thanks LBro… Justin is teaching me everything else… :grin: I’m working on the intermediate lessons right now, and the theory as well. Have a very long way to go!

Thanks for giving it a listen HappyCat! Hopefull my daughter and I will be doing duets someday… :pray:

Thanks for giving a listen Brian!

Thanks Darren! Yeah, it’s tricky keeping the rhythm with so much going on with both hands, the hammer on in particular. I’ve been playing it for year, but like most songs, they are works in progress forever…

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Thanks for giving a listen Alan!

You are right there!! I have a few that are the same way. I can play it really well not singing, pull out that singing in there and I find myself falling off rhythm more than I like. People that aren’t musicians don’t tend to notice. But get a musician in there and see what happens. :wink::crazy_face: Practice, practice, practice they say!!! Lol. So true.

Rock on!

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Great job, Benji! Excellent work and presentation.

Superb fingerstyle playing Benji! I know nothing about that technique so this may be a stupid question - when I look at your picking hand, your 4 fingers seem to be oriented along the strings, rather than picking across them. Whatever you’re doing, it works perfectly - I was just curious - is that an unusual way to pick?