My Cover of U2's One

Well done Benji. Enjoyed listening to that. All that hard work and practise is paying off. Not over easily to keep up that rhythm over a few minutes, but you were solid man. Keep em comin :+1:.

Cheers, Shane

True facts! I’m still working on the first songs I ever learned over 20 years ago; trying to switch chords faster and more smoothly, making sure all of the strings ring clearly, better barre chord accuracy… etc… There’s always something… :relieved:

Thanks liaty! Yeah, this is a very challenging song, but working on it will help with gaining more skills, especially finger accuracy, overall.

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Yes, I definitely want the entire guitar to be seen, but there’s no way around it, I definitely need to gear up at some point…

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Thanks for giving a listen Shane, will do! :guitar:

Oh, the struggles of this song! I’m also learning it at the moment - I chose it because it seemed like a simple chord progression and then I “just” had to add the embellishments. I’ve stopped counting the weeks… that damn pinky.
You did a great job - well done for keeping at it! As others have mentioned, the strumming could loosen up and flow a bit more, but overall well done. And the singing sounds good, even if it could be a bit louder in the mix.

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Hi Benji, that was very enjoyable :smiling_face:. I love this song, but haven’t tried to play it on the guitar yet. The embellishments seem to be a real challenge. I think, you mastered them really well :+1:.
Fantastic vox - as always. Would have been great, to have them a bit louder in the mix.

Lots to love :star_struck:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Exactly! Who can resist the embillishments?! There’s no way once you hear them… :sweat: Well, I’m sure it’s a skill that will pay off many fold during this guitar skills journey. Good luck!

Thanks Nicole! Yes, I need to get some better recording equipment, hope to do that soon. Then embellshments are really tough, but a good skill to work on.

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