My cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Carlos Santana

Hi and thank you for listening to my cover and your tips to help me, I will definitely try and think about those things when playing, they sound good suggestions.

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I did not know CS covered this song.
I would agree with suggestions about gain/ volume, although it did not spoil the enjoyment in your performance as the track/playing mix sounded good to me.
Well done, Susan

Hard to say anything original after 22 comments, but let me repeat most of it. :smiley:
It was great overall, I loved combination of melody and chords. Your guitar is absolutely awesome (I love PRS), but the tone is too clean. You need to break it a bit, so your bending/vibrato will better resemble “weeping”. Every once in a while I listen Prince soloing to this song. It is not just his guitar artistry, that Telecaster sounds absolutely amazing.

Thank you for taking time to listen to my playing and your reply. I have it in my mind now to explore adding some overdrive and see how I can get it to sound! I searched up the Prince version, which I had not seen so thanks for saying about that, it was good to watch!

Thank you, I am going to try adding some overdrive and see if I can get it better!

Great job Susan. I can’t offer much feedback but I enjoyed your performance. Thank you

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Thank you for your comment, it’s really nice to know my playing has been appreciated.