My cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Carlos Santana

This is my cover of Carlos Santana’s cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, originally written by George Harrison. Carlos Santana is a favourite of mine and I love his Latin rock influence on this song. I tried to compliment the song with a couple of solos, and towards the end I just enjoyed playing the chords behind Santana’s awesome soloing. My cover needs refining and I’ll keep having fun with it. Thank you for watching, Susan


Sounds fantastic, Susan :+1: :smiley:

Hey Susan - that was great, I’d forgotten how much I love that song. Bonus points for the JG sweatshirt :slight_smile:

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Very nice

Sounded good.

Nice one Susan. Very enjoyable listen. Will have to check out Carlos Santana version, I have had a go at Beatles version but the Am/G is tricky so it’s now filed in my unfinished song folder. I see you didn’t opt for the Prince guitar dismount he used when playing this in Rock Hall of Fame video, very wise. Best wishes Alan :clap::clap::clap:

Lovely confident, fluid, and even strumming technique & chord changes there Susan

Very cool, Susan, I like your interpretation! :clap: :smiley: Such a great tune and one I have often thought would be fun to check out. I think you might have just inspired me to do so… :guitar: :sunglasses:

Most enjoyable listen, Susan, well played.

That was really good Susan. You have a nice flowing style.

Very nicely played Susan - not the easiest song by any means!

Awsome Susan!!

Did not know Santana had a version. Isnt that a PRS Santana as well?

Pleassure to listen too, well done! :blush:

Hi Susan,
Nice play on this and I too did not know Santana did this one. One thing that might help your production is to up the volume of the original track. It was kind of a distraction and I also think bringing up the volume of it would add to your play. It would kind of fill in stuff like the drums and vox that are now missing.

Nice job though and I enjoyed it!

Really well done Susan, you did great! I would crank up a volume a bit and get some more crunch on the tone, but othet than that you really played it well.

Hi Susan, I didn’t know Santana did a cover on this song…
very nicely played and nice tone on the guitar as well. As others already mentioned, cranking up the BT would make it even more enjoyable! Very nice listen, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, and you are right on the guitar!

Thank you for everyone’s kind comments and feedback, I appreciate it a lot. And I will definitely try and get the volume thing better!

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Nice playing Susan! Looks like some fun lead play mixed in with some chords. Pretty cool how you were playing the melody on lead near the beginning.

I found the volume difference between backing track and your playing fine, it made it easier to hear your guitar vs the ones in the track. This is such a cool song btw.

Thank you so much for your reply @jkahn and appreciating my playing. Yeah I think it’s a cool song too. It made me want to find out how key changes work in a song.

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Well done Susan. The rhythm parts are definitely good and you captured the feel of the song. Nothing I can add there, good job.

I would advice to make the melody a bit more dynamic by:

  • playing some notes louder and other ones softer
  • playing legato (hammer-ons, flick-offs, slides); go with how you feel it
  • adding gain (just a touch may be enough) so it stands out a bit more