My cover of Woody Guthrie's Buffalo Skinner

I hope you enjoy my rendition of my favorite Woody Guthrie song. Who knew there was a 7 minute ballad played with one chord??? Even I can do that… :smirk:


That was great Benji. Really nicely played with great vocals and loved the sound of the harmonica which really added to the overall performance. Super job!

Thanks Eddie. I enjoy adding the harmonica touch even though I don’t believe Woody did, the song just seemed to call for it. It’s a great story to boot…

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Awesome! The harmonica makes it sound like a young Bobby Dylan, whose hero was, of course, Woody Guthrie.

Well done.

Enjoyed your cover, well done.
And the singing is emotional, I can feel your vibe!!!

This is great :exclamation: Bravo :exclamation: Keep on :exclamation:

Thanks for checking it out jjw1!

Thanks Rene!

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Thanks BigLuc, will do!

One chord, that is some impressive. Great job with this one Benji and yes, it did sound right with the harmonica in there.

Thanks SgtColon!