My first AVOYP - motif development impro

Hello folks! I finally found the courage and decided to go ahead and video myself playing. This is from Justin’s motif development course (grade 4). I’ve transcribed Justin’s track on improvisation and at the end of the track I did some improvisation myself.

In this video I’ve practiced with the looper pedal as well by creating two layers (G major scale), the second layer I’ve used triads to add some colour.

Any feedback is always welcome :slight_smile:

I’m also currently trying to sing and play at the same time, which I find super hard (concentrating on two things at the same time seems almost impossible). But my goal is to post an actual song here as well (been practicing on I Walk the line by Johnny Cash).

Thanks for this great community, I love it!

Keep on rocking!



Sounds good to me, the only thing that I might remark about is that you’ve not used any bends or vibrato as far as I could tell, in places it might have helped the flow of your improvisation a bit. Also it’s good to leave a few pauses to let the piece breathe, sometimes less is more.

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Hi Karl, sounds good to me. Beyond my play grade to really give advice but I see Darrell has. Sounds like you’re a pretty good guitarist!

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Thanks Darrell for the feedback, much appreciated. Will definitely try to incorporate those more into my impro playing. In this video I tried to do some vibrato at 0:17 and 0:29, but I’m not able to produce it loudly enough. Need to work on it more.

I feel like I’m a bit of in a rush indeed (like with most parts of my life :smiley: ), need to take those pauses.


Hi Karl I think musically it’s great you have got the groove there, but as Darryl suggestions it could do with some more breaks and embellishments :slight_smile: but you are definitely on a good way here so don’t stop!

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Thanks a lot Adi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouraging words :blush: Cheers!

Hi Karl, I am not experienced enough to give advice but I it sounded really cool :sunglasses:.

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thanks eddie :slight_smile: :pray:

This is so musical and nice!! :clap::clap::clap: I enjoyed it a lot, but I’m not able to give any technical feedback. It just sounds great to my ear :blush:

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Wow, thanks for the positive feedback, so happy to hear :blush: :blush:

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Hi Karl,
Welcome said in this not first topic :grin:…and what a good first video, :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:
What struck me is that you already have a very good finger placement even with your pinkie finger, :sunglasses:

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Hi again Rogier :smiley: and thanks a lot for the feedback, I guess Justin’s major scale exercises have finally paid off :partying_face: Cheers!

That sound very nice! I would agree with the comments on bends and such, but you were really in the groove with the backing track, and the slides were great.

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Some great advice from more experienced players Karl. It’s above my paygrade to comment on the technicals but it sounded sweet to me ears.

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