My First Beginner Blues Study

I was inspired to produce this in a desire to one day be able to let rip over a blues backing track and produce a properly bluesy noodle. I’d also watched @jsgreen post his first recording based on one of the new blues lessons.

I discovered this lesson, an addition to Grade 2, and thought “well, why not”.

For this project:

  • I downloaded the Guitar Pro file from the lesson.
  • I recreated the drum and bass midi tracks in Reaper (my DAW). It would have been faster to export the midi from GP but I didn’t seem to be able to do that. OTOH, more learning to be had through the recreation process.
  • Recorded 2 rhythm tracks, using the basic shuffle, one open chords on the acoustic, the other barre chords on the electric and the lead on the electric
  • Electric guitar recorded direct via my AI and tones added using Waves GTR plugin
  • Videos recorded in OBS. The syncing process made easier by feeding audio from Reaper into OBS when recording. The inset on the lead play recorded with my mobile phone serving as second camera. OBS allows multiple input cameras with a utility to hook in your mobile phone.
  • Final video produced using Corel Video Studio, which has a neat feature to automatically sync the sources, which included the final audio mix rendered from Reaper

The project was a lot of fun. It’s a first small step taken towards the longer term aspirations.

Hope you enjoy it.


Excellent stuff David.

A very nice blusey shuffle to it.

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Five years, eh David?
That screams for a Bowie quote (which eludes me at present) so will have to make do with the skinny fat one- You’ve come a long way, baby :sunglasses:
I’m guessing you not only feel chuffed at being able to put together a production like this from scratch, but are also left with that warm feeling of having become such an integral part of this ‘community’.
Video, levels, balance, tone, melody and playing tick all my boxes.
What I’d like to see more of: longer breathing spaces and less on the beat quarter notes.
What I’d like to see less of: Well, the cans don’t cover quite as much as the hat :wink:
I note you’ve changed your signature to exclude the ugly. You used to be so tolerant on the old platform :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well done David. What a great blend of your tech and tech skills, blues learning, guitar playing. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. This is the ‘wood’ anniversary, what better reason for buying a new guitar :yum:


Thanks Brian. You are right in sensing my feelings today as I reflect on 5 years (all to be shared in another RC episode)

You are right on what you like to see more of. Just in case not clear, the lead was composed by Justin to be simple, without bends and other lead essentials.

I’ve tried hat over cans but need a bigger hat :laughing:

You are hawk-eyed, I did make that change … one can be as critical as one likes under the banner of “the bad”, but there is no call for being ugly. That said, unlike some here who’ve recounted encounters with some trolls out there, I fly so far below the radar that am yet to be hunted down by any trolls.

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:laughing: very sharp, Maggie, I had no idea. Fortunately at this stage GAS pressure is at 0. I expect one day the pressure will rise and yearning for another guitar will happen, but at the moment I can’t imagine what that trigger might be, given the instruments I have hanging on the wall.

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BTW, for those replying, like @SgtColon, I have decided to opt for a like to acknowledge your reply and show my appreciate for the listen and feedback, rather than a post in reply to every post.

I shall only reply if I have something specific to say in reply.

It feels a bit odd for me to do this, but seems like an appropriate approach here in the new Community in order to limit the number of Posts on a Topic.

Will see how that goes, how I feel. And anybody who has thoughts about that feel free to share them here, I want mind off-topic posts in this regard.


Back to front :sunglasses:

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Congratulations on your 5 years. :cake:

It was an enjoyable listen and the video was well made. Who would of thought that learning guitar, would turn us into music producers as well

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Very well done David, you got this blues vibe and carried it on throughout the song very well. Like the idea with two cameras at the same time for lead, made it look really slick. All the best and congratz on the Anniversary!

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Nice one @DavidP, it’s coming along well! I think that you’re more getting into the groove with it now than you were, keep going you’ve progressed well with the basics; time to learn some more!

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That’s a really great and inspiring video recording David and a great way to mark a milestone.
When I was heading down the electric-blues improvisation path, I found short studies really useful to test and extend my technique and approach. Justin did not have such a collection of lessons back then and I scoured around randomly in the land of the interweb, found some juicy morsels to nibble at. But a lot was random and Justin’s structure and organisation kept impressing me. You’re tapped in to a rich seam should you care to mine it. :slight_smile:

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Coming along just fine David. You’ll be playing SRV in no time.

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Hi David. Too bad you missed the MTV video boom 20 odd years ago. You could have cashed in! Multiple cameras, creating your own drum track, multiple guitar tracks, all sorts of wires into all sorts of devices. Wow.

And to top it off, it sounded great. I know how difficult it is to create something ‘listenable’ when jamming to a backing track and that was certainly listenable.

I’m not in a position to offer critique other that to say perhaps try to get it all a bit ‘looser’. Easier said than done when you’re concentrating hard.

I’d send you one of those love heart things but people might start to talk. Vibes were much more manly.

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And that’s the holy grail of the advancing beginner right there, Gordon. How to play in good time and tempo without it sounding too ‘stiff’. It applies here and when playing and singing. I feel like my feel is getting better in the latter (after 5 years) and have some ways to go playing the blues.

This was also a study ie playing a prescribed set of notes, which may also lead to a little extra ‘stiffness’.

:rofl: I’m not feeling any similar restraint or concern, so I’ve ‘loved’ … I mean ‘liked’ your reply. Let 'em talk. As for ‘vibes’, I get that ‘likes’ are not quite the same as old Forum ‘vibes’, irrespective of the icon :laughing:

Nice and tasty, David! And look at you getting all video-productiony. :slight_smile:

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Great to watch and listen to this again David. Sounding and looking good my man. :male_detective:

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Cool stuff David, really enjoyed that.

Well played and I enjoyed the production.

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Great stuff David,
I liked your timing and it seemed spot on! The cam work was good and worked out well. Nice little production all the way round. Happy 5 yrs at JG! You have come a long way in those 5 years and are well rounded now. Keep up the good vibe and work. It will be cool to see where you go from here!

Keep up the rock’n ways!

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Nicely done, David. I have been practicing this very riff for a few weeks now. You have given me something to aspire to.
I will be happy when I can play the ‘beginner solo’ and ‘12 bar shuffle’ all the way through from memory. All that tech will just have to wait. I still haven’t figured out my Trio + :upside_down_face:

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