My First Beginner Blues Study

@CT Thanks Clint. Appreciate that. It’s a fun path to venture down.

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That was very cool, David, including the video. I’ll have to go and watch Justin’s lesson now (thanks!!! Lol)

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@mari Thanks Mari. It was a fun project.

I expect you’d be able to get this under the fingers pretty easily (nothing like learning the solos for Knocking on Heavens Door)

But I think it was a good place for me to start

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Wow David! Great job, your blues made my head bob to the music :slight_smile:
I think this is possibly your best work!
Thanks for sharing


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Wow, you have been working back through AVOYP topics to find, listen, and reply to this one, Mike.

Appreciate the encouraging comment. I don’t know about ‘best’ but certainly something different that was really enjoyable, and triggered me to start a little trip down the lead-play path. Since then I’ve looked at some of the first lessons in Justin’s Blues Lead programme and am enjoying working on bending, vibrato, and some licks.

Hi David,
well, this is a real blues, although still a little timid :slightly_smiling_face:
But for the first time, just fine! I ask you dont stop there and continue!

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Thanks for taking a look and the encouraging comment, Leo.

I am now spending some time to work on Justin’s first lessons in the Blues Lead course. So eventually I aim to produce some OK sounding bluesy noodling.

I loved it. All the layers were great.

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Thanks, John, glad you so enjoyed it and appreciate the encouragement.

Got around to giving this a proper spin and my take is that it speaks for blues attitude and that is a good spot to be when playing the blues. Alas it was a bit shorter than my post, so I am going to move on here pretty quick. At any rate good job on this one and nice production. I enjoyed what I saw of the video!

Keep rock’n in 22 and all the best!

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:rofl: Good one

Thanks for giving it a spin and the positive feedback. I did keep this one short. It being a study piece, I thought three cycles was a reasonable balance between becoming boring through repetition and being an ok, albeit short, duration.

It’s a great lesson for people, like me, who’d like to one day do some OK blues improv.

So cool. Every part fits tight. Cool mix I always fing it hard to mix it. It is superb but to raise it even higher you could experiment with some vibrato on the string. This tune is craving for it. Cheers!

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Thanks for taking a look and the encouraging comment, Filip. Since completing this project, based on the Grade 2 Module 13 lesson, I’ve started to work on bending and vibrato, as per the first lessons in the Blues Lead course. In due course I will post some noodling, with some progress on these techniques.

Always go great David…really liked this

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Thanks very, Sandy, glad you enjoyed it. Such a fun project that was not available when I did tge Beginner Course.

Thats was a great project David and kudos for the production side of things and as always the detailed explanation on approach.

I thought the final output was very good and you should be pleased with that. Thought your solo’ing was very nice and rhythmic. Nice even pacing. I really hesitate to give feedback given my dearth of output in this area (although I do like to noodle over a backing occasionally) but a few “pauses for breath” is what I think Justin usually advocates and the occasional changes in pace would probably spice things up a little BUT hey that can wait for future installments.

I do very much admire those who are pushing on with the learning journey as well as playing.

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Thanks for taking a look and the encouraging feedback, Jason.

Given the nature of the assignment “very nice and rhythmic. Nice even pacing” is music to my ears.

The solo was composed by Justin to be pretty even, with the pauses you heard. So challenge was to learn it and play it in time with the backing.

And now I can work on technique and be more adventurous in future, while hopefully not having all the wheels come off.

I know I’m late to this but that’s GREAT!

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@6stringrazor Thanks William. That takes me back. Did you see the similar rock n roll project that came some time later?

Holy smoke David that was a cracking production well done the whole thing was brilliant, just goes to show how many rabbit holes you can go down on this guitar journey. :grinning: :+1: