My first Electric Guitar

I am looking for my first electric guitar.Been playing acoustic for almost 5 years now and was wondering which guitar brand would fit in for me.I have a budget around 250-300$ and will be ordering online due to less offline availability in my area.Currently I am looking out on ibanez gio series (grx40) on someone’s recommendation and had also looked at newen strat but open to suggestions.
Looking forward for guidance and recommendations.

the squier affinity strat is a good serie for beginners


I am no expert in electrics, but don’t those Ibanez have a super thin neck profile and nut? That can be good, but will be more different than your acoustics than a slightly wider nut. Depends on what you are going for.

I like wide nut acoustic and classical, so I would like an electric that isn’t too narrow like no less than 43mm

I had an Ibanez Gio-Series electric as my starter guitar. It played well and was well built. It did not have the stereotypical Ibanez skinny neck like the shredder guitars do.

It should do you well. Enjoy!

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Yamaha Pacifica 112
Squier Affinity
Sire S3 and T3 ← These might stretch your budget a little but are worth looking at.

Any particular reason why it’s worth increasing my budget for them.
I was recommended Ibanez grx40 due to split coil to gain versatility.
Nevertheless I dont have much info about those pickups and am mostly a indoor player with recording random stuff.

Idk if it’s the case with all electric as compared to acoustics or with the Ibanez model am suggesting. Maybe I need more clarity on that ig,not sure.

measure the nut on your acoustc.
Compare width and it will give you an impression on what to expect when it comes to fretboard width and stirng spacing.
The GRX40 is only 42mm. Some like it, some don’t
I think this will have more impact than the fact the humbucker in the bridge is coil-tappable.

The Sire guitars are widely seen as offering outstanding value and a great playing experience for the money.

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Les Paul?

My 2 cents (and worth every penny) is to figure out whether you want a Les Paul or Fender design, and go with their starter brands. For Les Paul it’s Epiphone and Fender it’s Squire. At that price point what you get can be hit or miss but at least you have the company backing the quality.