My first ever guitar recording

Hi I apologise in advance but this is my first recording and the first time I have used you tube the sound isn’t very balanced but if this is successful I’ll work on bigger and better projects so here goes

Well I finally managed to get my first ever recording done I have been playing around 2 years, all done via Justin and the app I am currently on the level 3 section, I dabble with the blues course and I have learned all major and minor scales I just have no idea what to do with them yet. I have recently started taking the songs I have learnt and moving them up the fretboard I can manage bar chords to E on electric but safely C on acoustic. I am a carer for my disabled life which is in itself somewhat isolating but I also live in the middle of no where so literally no one apart from my wife and dogs has ever heard me play (that could be a good thing) :joy:
Now as much as I love the app I like to take songs I learn and find the original and then take suggestions from that so I have a strumming portfolio of around 300 songs. The reason I did this is I had and still have a real problem with strumming just found as soon as I thought about it everything crashed I think and hope I am over that now.
Anyway hopefully I am going to try and show a couple more videos one I call my metronome song neither are up the neck both open chords but I finally feel like a guitarist ish


Not bad I didn’t here one bad note :joy:


works now :beers:
Good job, nice even strumming.

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Well it should not have been this I did a Beatles song no reply but got banned that’s why I couldn’t up load it I’ll be more careful in future :joy:

You can thank Paul McCartney for that. He doesn’t want anyone playing Beatles music without pay him Royalties.

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It’s a bit crazy I wasn’t trying to be the 6 th member of the band I guess he doesn’t like the idea of music students
But I’ll carry on playing Beatles music it’s a good source of learning. I wasn’t a true fan originally but love it now so Paul can be happy in the knowledge I contribute towards his wealth in other ways best I drop the Band on the Run video I did :joy:

Hi Mark, very comfortable and consistent strumming. Well done. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark,
congratulations on your first video recording :partying_face: :sunglasses:, that’s a big thing, nice and very relaxed :clap: :sunglasses:

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I thought that was a great job strumming. Granted we are both at grade 3 level so I probobly can’t give proper CC but whatever. :smiley:

Love your first choice of songs to play with. Rocking out the Vault Boy tee.


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Hi Mark. Well done on finally getting your first AVoYP online!
I don’t think you need to worry anymore about your strumming. In both these songs you strummed steadily and in tempo and kept your strumming arm moving steadily up and down.
What you now need to introduce are some dynamics and variety in your strum patterns.
The only other comment I’d make is to watch your finger positions when fretting chords. A lot of the time your fingers were in the middle of the frets. They should be up as close to the fret wire as possible.

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Thanks for feedback I have trouble with my fingers they are really thick and stubby (not trying to make excuses ) but it took a lot of effort to get chords to play correctly there is no slenderness in their style. But I will implement your advice thanks

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Blackberry Smoke one of my favorite newish bands. Good job on One Horse Town.

To bad Brit Turner passed away of cancer at 57 way to young. He’s going to be a hard drummer to replace if the band carries on.

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Real confident strumming there Mark.
Ya did real good.
Looks like ya slipped a couple of bar chords in there to me. Good job with that too.
Dig your guitar too. It’s tone is very full. I like it!

300 songs is a big portfolio of songs too. I don’t think I know that many, and I’ve been playing for years.

Yep, imho, your a guitarist! :slight_smile:

More videos please! Once ya start, ya know, ya can’t stop. There’s always one more to do… :wink:

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good job there Mark on the strumming, looks relaxed and even, especially on One Horse Town.
Would agree with Gordon, that finger position on the fretting needs to be nearer the frets - this will really help you.
Also , if you can free yourself away from following the chord sheet or similar , and really inhabit the song, that is a real joy-giver so do have a try at that.
Great effort for sure, hope you are pleased with it too,

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I found Blackberry Smoke at the same time as Cross Canadian ragweed they both have some great stuff to strum along too

I have to confess that i didn’t realise about the chords guess comes from learning alone but just trying to push fingers forward on each chord and sounds hugely different it will take a while to become second nature but i am really thankful for the critique.
As for reading chords I’ll be honest my journey hasn’t been all that smooth with sepsis in my left hand that stopped me playing for about 3 months didn’t know if I would play again. But now a Military back injury has come home to roost, it meant I could not play standing, but now I can’t sit either so looking at chords sort of diverts the pain, and the dark glasses which are my reading glasses hides it a bit. I am sure it will pass I just hope it’s soon :joy:

Hi Mark,
Wow, you’ve had some obstacles to get over, and I congratulate you for your obvious success in fighting those!
I reckon that in the coming months, music is going to be a great source of comfort and inspiration for you, so, keep checking in here. there’s lots of supportive people here at the community who will be here for you on your guitar journey,

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Your strumming really well; good timing and very few errors. I’d echo the comments about trying to vary dynamics and strumming patterns to add some variation. Extra applause for the beautiful dog!


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I had to watch to see the dog :joy: it’s Merlin I actually have 4 somewhere but they love their music

G’Day Mark,

Solid work mate, enjoyable and a big congrats on going live and getting them both up, it’s all a bit of a learning curve eh :face_with_spiral_eyes:. I’m still messing around with the best way to get songs recorded and onto YouTube even having posted about 4.

Both great songs, I have been working on Good Riddance as part of my ‘stuck’ chords. The second one I didn’t know but, great song.

Well done Mark, especially under adversity, keep it up mate :+1:

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