My first homemade pedal board

So I decided to call in to my local guitar shop to say hi… Well we all know how that ends up, lol.
1 Vintage Tube Overdrive pedal, Delay pedal and looper pedal later. and I have my first pedal board all connected up to try later this evening.


Nice Gary, welcome to the rabbit hole :wink: They’re a fine trio to get you started, has your amp got reverb built in to give the full suite of kick off effects?
Have much fun and don’t wait too long for the next pedal :rofl:

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Hi Gary,
Nice start :partying_face:

I only miss a Trio+ or an equivalent … oh yes, a compressor pedal maybe … and I see room for a tuner pedal … Chorus where is the Chorus??? a Blues pedal AAaaaaaaaaaaaa :hole: :hole: :hole:
I need a shop right now :grimacing:

Have fun :sunglasses:


Im pretty certain that they both have, Spark positive grid has a dial but the VOX VT40X is a bit more complicated and I am waiting for a friend to call up one evening and show me how to use them properly.

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I have a wahwah pedal as well which will fit and the beauty is I can extend the board as it is made from a slot and groove floor tile of which I have many off cuts :slight_smile: I just need to remember that the looper goes on the end

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I was going to say Chorus too Rogier but didn’t want to send him back to the store just yet :rofl: :rofl:


Careful with that axe, Eugene
Last time I bought a pedal, I had to get a new amp to bring out the tone… :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Very cool, Gary!!!


Boy are you going down the rabbit hole!!!

My first pedal was a looper but since I have the Boss Katana 50 with lots of built in effects, I decided on a volume pedal & a Boss SY-1 synth pedal for the next ones!!! It’s so fun - but I can’t really justify the price versus what I get out of it!!! Oh well, it’s pretty hard to actually justify most of what we spend on our little hobby, eh?

Anyhow, have fun with your new board/project & try to stay out of the music store!!! :crazy_face:



OK so now I want an affordable chorus pedal, thanks y’all… So Behringer do a very affordable one with mostly good reviews. I don’t need a metal cased one as Im not touring anytime soon, lol.
Anybody got any views on this or own one?

Cool :partying_face:. When using pedal you have set your settings for lead part, when playing rhythm if you don’t like that setting what do you do? When using amplifier and pedal both ?

This is my first real foray in to using pedals so Im learning as I go along. Looking at which order to put the pedals in the chain as well.
Chorus pedal arrived earlier.

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