My first live gig since 2019!

Just back home after seeing Tommy Emmanuel live up in Perth. What a player and a terrific concert. The concert was rescheduled from March last year due to Covid restrictions and this is the second time I’ve seen him. Tonight Tommy was supported by Jerry Douglas, a slide guitar player. I’d never heard of him but apparently he’s accompanied everyone who’s anyone. What a talent.


He’s a real treat in concert. Perth? Is that in Western Australia?


Ah yes, good old Tommy. I’ve seen him a few times. I love the crowd he attracts. Usually end up talking guitar with someone in the crowd.

Got to talk to him once. Super nice guy. He also shares the stage with other great musicians. I’ve seen Joe Robinson, Frank Vignola, Adam Rafferty, Troy Cassar Daley, Richard Smith, and many others I’m probably forgetting!


How nice to be back out at a live gig Gordon.

I’ve never heard of either of those so I’ll have a look on Youtube.

I was supposed to be back at my first live gig last October but it got moved to this October, still I have the Chillies to look forward to in June.

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What a treat Gordon. I’d love to see him live but have my doubts that he’ll venture as far south as South Africa.

I doubt Gordon flew all the way to Australia from Scotland for the show Tony :wink: So that’ll be Perth in central Scotland. Perhaps Perth in Western Australia takes it’s name from Perth in Scotland? It could perhaps have been called New Perth, like a few places are named in the USA/Canada?

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Wiki tells you everything @DavidP " Captain James Stirling founded Perth in 1829 as the administrative centre of the Swan River Colony. It was named after the city of Perth in Scotland,"

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I can’t let a TE post go by without mentioning (again :roll_eyes:) how I played a song for him and got him to sign my guitar.
There is no doubt, he is a fantastic talent and immensely entertaining.

Here’s a question though:
How many TE admirers are there out there, who listen to his recordings for the pure enjoyment of the music (as opposed to his technical playing)?

Regarding the Scottish city’s namesake, I prefer to call it by its original name Boorloo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You lucky old b… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:I’m a little bit jealous of you now…but of course you deserve it, I think it would be so cool to see him play live…
And @brianlarsen yes yes,you are a lucky old b…also ,…for the sign and playing :smiley: :sunglasses:

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It will be the original with haggis and kilts. :wink:
Sounds like a good night out Gordon !



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But it is fun to show off one’s general knowledge, Jason, even if there is some uncertainty :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve only watched TE perform shows live on YT. I enjoy his overall performance, audience engagement, and the music but does depend on the choice of material and in limited quantities.

Suggest we don’t get further into this line of conversation, likely to take us towards a line we shouldn’t cross.

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That’s a good point Brian. I have one TE cd that I listen to very occasionally in the car. I think he is a performer you have to watch and listen to in order to appreciate what’s going on. His guitar skills and the way he uses percussion as he plays can only be appreciated visually. On cd it’s just someone playing instrumental guitar.

He can make his guitar sound as if there is someone on drums, slap bass and guitar all at the same time. This can only be appreciated visually.
I enjoy his music but agree that you can only listen to so much. He does play other stuff of course. Last night he played a terrific Beatles compilation melody and some Blues songs too. When he teamed up with Jerry Douglas last night they played some fantastic country/bluegrass numbers.

I don’t know how long his guitars survive though. He clearly has several mics inside them to achieve the sounds he does. He scratches his nails and pick over the surface of his expensive Matons (they are covered in gouges and scratches) and at one point was using a drummers brush on the surface to achieve the effect.
As someone who does their best to avoid damage to his guitars, the sight of Tommy visibly scratching the surface with his pick as he played made me squirm. :anguished:
No doubt he is sponsored by Maton and gets them free!

I had an advert circling around with his tour and dates, unfortunately nothing close enough for me to venture off to the concert. Plus have some holiday plan coming real soon, if he ever is in Oxford or Reading I would love to see him live even though I barely know any song which is a good point from Brian.

Haha, I was pretty sure it wasn’t the Western Australian Perth, but let me live in hope… we are doing the “big lap” circumnavigating the continent in our RV caravan and I’ll be in Perth (WA) around this time next year, so I was excited at the idea of meeting another forum member actually in person. I’ve only met one other forum member live and in person, the amazing @batwoman Maggie and was wondering if Gordon could be the second one.


one here

Never saw a line I didn’t walk up to, just to peek over at what was on the other side :rofl:
… but to bring it back to guitar, here’s a song about city name changes by the incredible They Might Be Giants

There’s always one… :roll_eyes:


Note to myself…don’t watch a message from just anyone with tea in your hands…

sorry for sharing this note :innocent:


Haha that would be great Tony but my sister-in-law lives in Melbourne so if we go back to visit I’m afraid I’ll only see Perth Australia from 30,000 feet out the aircraft window!

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I recall a Tommy E video where he spoke of taking a screwdriver to the soundboard of a brand new Maton to get the requisite wear and tear on it for live performance. I know they talk about guitars as tools of the trade, but that made me wince big time


What a treat Gordon. Has it fired you up to play more guitar?

I too did a momentary double take Tony.

What fine company Joe.

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In some ways yes. The concert was in a fairly small venue and my son and I were in the second row centre seats. We were 12 feet away and could watch every strum and fret move he made. What skills he has. The downside is you come home, pick up your guitar and remember you’re struggling with A shape barre chords! :smiley: