My first live performance-SRV

I finally played a song for people not counting family. This is a modified version of Pride and Joy to fit the time limit I was allowed with an improv solo Pride and Joy from Groove House showcase - YouTube or here


First off congratz on your first live performance, wow I admire your courage and it is something I wish to only find in myself one day!

Second wow what a choice of song, such a difficult tune to play. I am not sure how far are you in your guitar journey but I know to play a song like this takes some cojones my friend so chapeau bas. If you stick with it and learn it patiently it will be a showstopper, especially with this vox man!

Did you use Boss Katana there (sorry but video was bit blurred, I guess because of a distance from the stage)? If so you really need to share a secret how did you dial in the tone, blimey that was almost as good as original!

I would love to see you on Community Open Mic online in February, we hosted those on previous forum and it’s so much fun. We hope more folks to join and you seem to be more than ready to give it a go! Few links below:

Open Mic 006 - Call for interest

JustinGuitar Community Open Mic Events - Video Archives

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Overall good old vibes from me (which I am only able to write now :sob:)!

Live performance can be nerve-wracking, and a first live performance even more so…but no sign stage fright, here! Awesome job, and kudos for putting yourself out there! I love how you were going for it on the vocal, too.

I’d love to hear this again as you continue to work on it. I agree with Adrian that it could shape up to be a real showstopper. Get those changes smooth with a consistent beat and you’ll bring down the house with this one.

Well done!

Thanks. I’m about two years in now and have been with Justin almost since day 1. I can do the whole song and only found out a few weeks ago I had to splice bite and pieces. I was annoyed at myself during the changes bc I’m normally not the sloppy with them, but I think nerves got to me a bit. When you’re practicing if you mess up a bend or over slide something you just do it again but in a performance you have to keep going. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

Bravo, David, you did great.

I don’t know what you were feeling in your body but when played live for an audience the first time I was tense, trembling, and struggling to breathe. So I am sure nerves played a part in that performance compared to rehearsals.

Man, what a bold song choice.

The parts are there, wicked tone with feedback, so keep working the song, and it’ll keep getting better and a vocal with attitude.

Keep on keeping on rocking

Congratulations David :clap:

What an important step you’ve taken. You look and sound relaxed. Bonus points for your interaction with the audience, that’s tops in my book. As others have said, a bit more spit and polish and this will be a crowd pleaser.

I can’t remember the video where Justin talks about this and don’t have the time to go through this module finding it Effective Practice |

It might be the practice makes permanent one Practice Makes Permanent |

In the video I’m thinking of, he talks about giving some of your practice time to continue playing regardless of mistakes. He talked about the importance of keeping the rhythm going, making a sound etc.

Of course he also wants us to practice what is perfect. It’s a balance.

What a difficult song to play on your first public gig! That was great. Super tones and a really good vocal. Well done David.

Have some old Forum style vibes from me. :clap:


Like Adi said Good Vibes, where’s that darned button ! Will just have to be Likes and comments.
Big song to go for for first live performance you did really well. Great tone and strong vocals.
Don’t beat yourself up over the changes. Playing live is a whole different shooting match. Check our OM archives in the link above, boy they are full of coughs and splutters and not just the singing !

Would be great to see you at OM6 in Feb. Go have a look at what we’ve been up to on the old Forum and will certainly continue in the new house !



The vocals on this were a challenge for me because I don’t have a raspy-rock voice. I am much more comfortable singing Ed Sheeran or James Blunt and stuff in that wheel house. I have learned a lot of their stuff but I wanted to do a real guitar centric song

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What’s funny is the worst mistake I made for me was my double bends. I had planned to do this walk up to a Bmaj triad and then start the unison bends on the twelfth fret on B where stevie does it and then go down a fret to E. My first bend I accidentally started on 10 and and 12 on A and had to slide up really quick. Still in the key so sounded fine but I had a split second freak out moment

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Impressive first live performance, guitar and vox both. That little shout out in the middle showed just how comfortable you were as well.

Wow! Well done David on your first live performance and what a performance it was.

How did you feel before and after?

I’m glad I did it. I wish I didn’t make any mistakes, but I also didn’t fall on my face either. My teacher was happy. I’ve been taking lessons at this place for the past few months. Not that he needs it, but I think doing this validated Justin even further in my eyes. I walk in and am nervous as hell first day playing in front of a teacher, but for someone that’s only playing for two years he was so impressed that I could basically do any barre chord he threw at me, knew my scale shapes (some better than others), knew my triads, understood theory. I even did some jazz with him shortly after that “Autumn Leaves,” “Billie’s Bounce,” and “Polka Dots and Moon Beams” though my arpeggios are still crappy. This guy teaches at the university I work at too and said he’d have no problem with me taking jazz classes if I wanted. No way I’d be this far without Justin. For me it’s not a lot musical knowledge he’s been harping on but learning to relax more in the shoulders, watch flying fingers, a lot of little technique stuff that’s hard to get without someone watching you

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It’s not a live performance, but I also was able to meet up with my brother a while back who I got into Justin Guitar. He’s been working real hard on Wish You Were Here, and we played it together. It was a real special moment Brother bonding over Pink Floyd - YouTube


Such special moments are what make life worth the living, David.

Do you stay near to each other, is this going to be a regular thing?

We live far away from each other. We talk almost every day but this was the first time we got to play together

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I get that just when neighbors walk up the stairs, let alone in front of people.

I am trying to get out of my shell and it is not easy even when i tell myself to get over it and not to give a hoot.

A certain mr. partridge from XTC had really bad performance anxiety.

Well done, David. Love the fact that you got up there and played in front of an audience despite your nerves. One day I would like to tackle this song. Thanks for sharing!

Nice job! Having been to a bunch of awesome blues jams, and talking to the players, a comment I’ve heard more than once, is that few guitar players cover SRV, because SRV plays so well, that most who try to cover SRV’s songs, sound lousy in comparison. Admittedly when I try that song, I sound lousy in comparison to SRV.