Open Mic 006 - Call for interest

Lets keep this party rockin !!

The 2 monthly slots have worked really well this year, so as I said at the end of the show last night, how about February 2022. Richard, tongue in cheek no doubt, suggested somewhere near Valentines Day, as he’s an old romantic (maybe he was a New Romantic).

Well as Saturdays have seemed to go down as a great day to host events, how about Feb 12th or 19th if folks are romantically engaged on the weekend before Valentines day ?

Sign up here for audience or performer and lets keep the impetus rolling.

I’ll publish a bump nearer the time and updates on the run in, as we did this year.

Please add you UTC timezone or nearest major metropolis, so we can help decide on the best kick off time to accommodate as many as possible. If you are not sure of your timezone, this handy reference table may help (Thx Richard)

(For reference - Time Zone Map)




EDIT : Performer and Audience Roster updated @ 15th January 2022.


Updated 15:10 190222 CET

Zone Time Name Username
UTC 19:00 Jason Rossco01
UTC+2 21:00 David DavidP
UTC +1 20:00 Rob R.F.W.
UTC +1 20:00 Toby TheMadman_tobyjenner
UTC 19:00 Mike pikeamus
UTC 19:00 Adrian adi_mrok
UTC 19:00 Stefan SgtColon
UTC 19:00 brian brianlarsen
UTC-5 14:00 John john_in_dot
UTC -5 14:00 Mari mari
UTC -6 13:00 David skeletor83
UTC -6 13:00 Jak JakAngelescu
UTC 19:00 Jason Rossco01


Zone Time Name Username
UTC 19:00 Darrell DarrellW
UTC 19:00 Stefan SgtColon
UTC 19:00 David DuRquhart
UTC 19:00 John Willsie01
UTC 19:00 Eric eric.lennon
UTC 19:00 Al grayal
UTC 19:00 Gordon sairfingers
UTC 19:00 Iain iainism
UTC 19:00 Tracey Tracey63
UTC 19:00 Richard Richard_close2u
UTC 19:00 Dave liaty
UTC 19:00 Rowena Rowenaguitar
UTC+1 20:00 Lieven LievenDV
UTC+1 20:00 Martin Kutzsche
UTC+1 20:00 Kevin KevinKevan
UTC-1 20:00 Trond tRONd
UTC-5 14:00 Mike mds
UTC-5 14:00 Tom Tom_B
UTC-5 14:00 John nhoj
UTC-5 14:00 Scott sah22
UTC-5 14:00 Sandy SandyMusic
UTC-5 14:00 Jamie convergys2
UTC-5 14:00 Patch patch
UTC-5 14:00 Dave nhh2oskr
UTC-5 14:00 Dave Dave911
UTC-6 13:00 Pam pkboo3
UTC-6 13:00 Bala balamuthiahv
UTC-6 13:00 Sarah Sarashsus2
UTC-6 13:00 Victor Flying_V
UTC-7 12:00 Ann annmarieford
UTC-8 11:00 Jim J.A
UTC+11 06:00 Maggie batwoman *
UTC+11 06:00 Dee dennise *
UTC+11 06:00 Rod RodC *
UTC+11 06:00 Shane sclay *
  • Sunday morning 20th

Master of Ceremonies roll will be performed by Jason @Rossco01. Thank you Jason :smiley:

Finally, as we are in the middle of the migration, can you please check your details above. Some of the information relating to usernames have been carried over from the Forum. So if you have changed your handle please let me know, so the correct information is available here.

A link to the Zoom Meeting, hosting the event will be distributed nearer the time, for everyone to check connectivity or highlighted any issues they may have. Thx Toby :sunglasses:

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.


Both 12th and 17th sound good to me so sign me up as performer please! UTC+2. Thanks Toby!

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As Adrian pointed out in the Forum post, I actually meant the 19th. I would have backed myself to get 12+7 right 10 out of 10 times, but not this morning :grimacing:

The OM day will continue to be a Sat.

Put me as a maybe for now for both 12th and 19th. Not sure what I plan to learn next as I wanted to look at perhaps something more complex so 2 months might not be enough to get it sorted out! :grimacing:

That’ll be me this year and going into next, as I’ll be doing the co-ord role to give David a rest. MC to be decided but outside this remit. See my pagination topic comments. Its zed time here but I’ll look at the G’Draw table tomorrow Keith, currently in two minds. But never say never :sunglasses:

Audience please. UTC - +11

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Hi Dennise, good to see you here. Request noted, I’ll be updating the list later to day.



Edit - note to self add Brian.

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Hi Toby,

Audience for me please, UTC+11

Feb 12th I’m away but should be home on the 19th. Depending on the final time I may be a performer, but I’ve said that before and not got my act together, so don’t count on it.



Noted Rod and thank you ! :sunglasses:

Put me down for the audience please (UTC)

Will do David, request duly noted. :sunglasses:

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Hi Dennise, glad you’ve skipped over here.

I’m a possible for playing on the 19th, so don’t pick that date from my input! I’m happy enough with a couple things I can play or learn, but I have to see if I can figure out what to play that I’m also happy singing …

Looks to me Toby 19th suits more people :slight_smile: should a decision be made then? :slight_smile:

Early days yet Adi and I’d like to keep it open, especially as a lot of new faces are appearing. More may sign up to play and in time honoured tradition, us regulars may back down to one song or if felt compelled take a seat in the audience. Personally I am keeping that in mind as much as I love the buzz of performing.

Opening up this community is going to bring a wider global membership and I hope some of those folks will be attracted to the OMs.

Lets shake the tree and see what falls out. We can look at dates and times in the New Year.
Who knows with the right amount of interest East and West we could go for 2 consecutive shows on each weekend and set an OM precedent. Wouldn’t that be cool ? :sunglasses:


Not adding me to the list because you’re still having a strop about me flagging you? :roll_eyes:
Okay, I formally apologize and request (in the appropriate thread) to join the next OM as a probable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:

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Out of sight out of mind. Sorted Mr L. :lips:

And ynot Tony (has he come across, I see quite a few Tony’s and am not sure since none reference the ynot handle).

Is UTC+11 the time zone of the locations that is furthest east? In other words, other Australian time zones would be earlier in the day?

I think this is a strong possibility, given the number of performers already on the roster. I’d go as far as to say, I’d be good for us to go this way if we have just one person up for performing from the East. I’d rather have two shorter events with fewer performers than one that includes all from EMEA scheduled to accommodate a majority of performers from either East or West.

I think that the assurance that timing will be reasonable, irrespective of numbers, may be a further encouragement for more people to sign up.

And if this requires a little extra effort to coordinate, I am more than willing to lend a hand. I’d just love the events to be as inclusive and enabling to every member of the Community as possible.

That was my thinking David. So far there have only been a couple of folk who have been specific about dates. The reason I wanted to get this out early was directly linked to the new launch and the direct Community link to the website. The more the merrier. :smiley:

So very early days but lets see how things progress. If the numbers and/or locations are such that we need to have OM6East and OM6West that may call for a split co-ordination role but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Re ynot, also yet to see him here but as he is travelling that is no surprise.



Oh yes … now the idea is verbalised and out there.

Hopefully he’ll check in again, either here or on the Forum, when he reaches that favourite campsite in the place with his favourite OM venue.

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