My first Open Mic In A Long Time!

Sup guys so i just got back from a open mic night and it was so fun, im def gonna start doing it more often. The atmosphere was chill and the people were cool! Fun times! Heres a couple videos of me performing!!! Times Like These Open Mic The Levee Valdese - YouTube Knocking On Heavns Door Open Mic The Levee Valdese - YouTube


Awesome Byron, didn’t detect any nerves at all :metal:

It’s cool to see you playing live Byron, good stuff. :slight_smile:

Nice job on those Byron good to see you getting out live.

Get out and play!
exactly :smiley:

Lol man i shoulda been doing it a long time ago its so fun

good job, nicely played, looked like you had fun.

Well played Byron, looked like you were in your element.

Thanks guys! Lol i messed up the song sweet dreams though at the end of my run, but its all good!!! I did better starting out and then i started overthinking and messed up LOL. But i really did enjoy seeing all the people come out and play and such, great time!

Hi Byron,
Live!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Greetings ,Rogier

Great job, Byron. Having fun is what it is all about!

Great stuff!!!

That was great, Bytron, especially Knocking on Heaven door… a favorite. You did not look nervous… and you shouldn’t with how well you play. Did you get blond highlights in your hair?

Superb!! I always enjoy listening to your covers but the live edition just add that special feel to the music! Keep performing my friend!

Thanks Sandy yes i did!!! I did my moms and she wanted to do mine to so we did each others lol.

Thanks man!!

Wow… your Mom did a good job. I get mine done cos no one I know can do it. It brightens you up. You look like a different person.

Aww thanks!! Yeah I didn’t know if I would like it but I like it I think

Great job having fun!

That was very cool Byron. You looked very laid back about it all.

You should have left the applause in at the end.