My first video here - What’s Up

My starting point video and introduction to this forum. I’m just trying to get started chording through things.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

That was great, Kelly, all sounding good to me.

Just curious … what was playing through the headphones?

Can’t wait to hear the next one.


PS I moved your post into the Audio-Video of You Playing Sub-category of the performance area.

That was excellent playing Kelly. You could tell what the song was without any singing, which in my book is always a good thing.

What a great backdrop to your playing as well. Lovely.

nice and steady flow in your strumming, consistent arm movement, chords ringing out nicely, volumes/power consistent.

Yes; you’re doing great!

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing right away!
I’m jealous of that wonderful vista behind you! :smiley:

Great stuff Kelly. Steady strumming with a bit of backbeat dynamic and clean chords.

You banjo video popped up after this one. You’re really good at that and I’m sure many of the skills are transferable.

Looking forward to following your progress.

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Great intro into the community Kelly. Welcome! Well done. Nice cruisy strumming, locked into the rhythm, clean chords. Immediately recognised the song.
Looking forward to your progress.

Cheers, Shane.

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Great stuff Kelly, love that tune and continues to be part of my repertoire! Looks like a stunning place to be too!

Hi Kelly, nice start. As already said, it was very recognisable. I liked it.

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Well done Kelly, hope to hear more from you; your playing was nice and steady and chord changes good; keep it up, your doing fine!

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Nice job Kelly,
I enjoyed your play and for just getting started, you are doing well indeed!


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+1 for the setting

Great timing, enjoyed listening :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, thanks for the re-location, I’m just finding my way :slight_smile:

I’m listening to the original recording on the headphones … I’m never quite sure if that’s a bad habit or not, it feels a little bit like a crutch.

This was filmed in Boron, CA. I live in a truck camper and am fully nomadic, so y’all can expect more scenic backdrops in the future!


No worries, my pleasure.

Playing along with the originals is highly recommended, no issue to keep doing that. And in time you’ll learn the songs well enough to play them without. So given nothing broken, guess not a crutch, more an aid to learning :wink:


That was great Kelly!!! :fire:

Nice consistent strumming, keep up the good work
And keep on rockin!!!

Well done :+1:

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Whatever works for you and it certainly seemed to be working. :+1: Its a great way of keeping in not only time but the feel of the song. Great debut well done.

Welcome to the community.


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Welcome to guitartown! I gave this a listen and knew you had some chops. Then I checked you out on the tubez and was blown away with your desert setting and banjo playing. You picked up a subscriber.

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“ I said hey…what’s going on…” that’s the song that comes to mind. Great intro ! I loved it

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Could be a very good reason for that.

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Really nice there, welcome to community! :wink:

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