My funny valentine, Jazz Standard

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Kevin.

That was really great and I loved the tone on the guitar, it went really well with the song and they style you were playing it in.

I’m looking forward to hear more from you.

Hi Kevin,
That is a pleasant 1st video :sunglasses: :clap:… beautifully played, fun to watch and listen to… and clearly some years of experience…Bis Bis Bis :clap: :clap: :clap:

Very nice Kevin thank you and congrats on your first video share!

Jazz isn’t a genre I know anything about really beyond just it’s style but that sounded suitably smooth and chilled, I’ll certainly look out for more from you to educate me further!

The guitar tone came over really nicely so however you were running that through the “headphone amp” to the recording keep it there!

Delightful, mellow, performance. Did us proud there, Kevin. I do get drawn to learning jazz chords now and again. It’s such a great genre. That was one of the songs my sister used to sing in a pub in the Old Kent Road, London, when I was a spotty, teenager.

Hello Everybody!

Well, this is very nice from all of you :slight_smile: I am happy you liked it and will introduce myself as David Suggested in the Introduce-Yourself hub.

So if this is okay, I will continue to post some Jazz - Tunes from time to time :wink: right now I got 3 done and look forward to learn more of them in Grade 6 of Justins wonderful course.

Have a great day everybody!

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More then ok!

That is really beautiful. Well played and loved the touch at the end. I am looking forward to more posts.

Is it possible, that I happened to stumble across the one place on the internet, where people are actually really nice to each other? :smile:

Well, this all really helps a lot. I lately felt a bit demotivated to practice, and thought using the forum a bit would help me, and it sure really does! Cheers, Kevin

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A jazz standard that devoid of all the usual chaotic razzmatazz and instantly recognizable, I’ll have some of that. Some tricky chords there Kevin, well applied and sounding good.
Your time has been well spent, great share. And I’d add a welcome as well.


Oh yes, look forward to it

Can’t say if it is ‘the one place’ but it certainly is ‘a place’.

We strive to be encouraging and supportive of each other, accepting help from each other and giving help to others in equal measures.

That sounds great! Really happy, that I not only found Justin but also his community :wink:

By the way, how can I post a video in a way that is directly in the topic? I managed only to add a Youtube link…

Kevin Just post the video link address directly into the post you are creating. Discourse automatically embeds it.


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Wow, how beautiful. I haven’t heard much jazz, aside from one time I was at a public parklands and a jazz quartet was playing. And a couple of videos I’ve watched here.

Really great listening, wonderful sound.

I am curious on the tone, it’s so good. What were the effects?

That was very well played Kevin. Congrats on your first video share! Similar to @Notter jazz isn’t a genre I knew anything about until I joined this community and heard a couple of @robert.c.1984 AVOYPs. So thank you for indulging me in some more jazz standards. Look forward to hearing more from you.

I just checked Robert out - that is some serious stuff over there, wow!

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Sorry I didn’t saw your question first.
I really just use a bit of reverb - that’s it. I have a squire Strat, the switch is on position 4 and I have the tone dialed completely up on my guitar as well as on the “headphone amp” as seen in the picture. I plugged this into our 5 year old Jambox and recorded it with my smartphone microphone. So… not that big of a setup :crazy_face:

Here is the the headphone amp:

Here is the “setup”

Hope that helps :wink:

So not that complex at all! I have the same Squier - although mine is Sienna Sunburst FMT.

Tone must be in the reverb… and the fingers :wink:.

So true JK!

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Hi Kevin, very good first post. I liked your playing. I enjoy listening jazz in general. There is some YT videos of John Scofield playing with the Danish Radio Big Band that can be a good inspiration for a guitarist.

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Cool, thanks a lot!

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