My guitar string broke - the G string

I was tuning my guitar and overdid it and broke the G string. I need to buy new strings and try to string it myself. There are so many brands on Amazon.


What guitar? Do you know what strings were on it before?

Do you want to walk into a shop and as “Bro can I have a G string?” thats always a laugh.


It’s an acoustic guitar.
The other strings are fine - just the G string. I know, it had to be that string. I’m going to try and take it to a music store.

I just watched Justin’s video on how to change guitar strings. I’m going to try this myself. Wish me luck!!!

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I learned how to change strings on acoustic and electric by watching Justin’s videos! The first couple of times it took me a while, but I have it memorized and can do it relatively quickly, and pretty efficiently now.

The one thing that Justin doesn’t advise in his videos that I like to do is take a tiny piece of fine grain steel wool to polish up the frets before I apply lemon oil to the neck.

It gives it a shine and a few guitar players have told me that it preserves the frets. I don’t know if that is “fact”. Ha.

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I do, Kevin🙂.
Last week my high E string broke while playing and although I have a brand new set of strings at home, I haven’t had the courage yet to change them :see_no_evil:.
(I’m practicing on my second guitar instead, now.)
Maybe I’ll be ‘brave’ enough to do it on the weekend :flushed:.

Hi Nicole, just try it, follow Justin’s video, it’s very helpful and is easier than it seems first. Take your time and don’t hurry and everything will be fine in the end :wink:

Hi Andrea, without the video, I would never dare to do it :face_with_peeking_eye:.

Positive thinking will definitely help :smiley:.
Thank you :hugs:.

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Just try it yourself. Loads of vid YT if you struggle with it. But imo every guitar player should be able to change the strings on his/ her guitar. If you can learn to play the guitar,you can do this too. Changing the strings is far more easier.


I would start with figuring out what is the recommended gauge set for this particular guitar. Changing the gauge usually requires adjusting thrust rod. If you want to avoid it stay with the same gauge range (10-47, 12-53 etc.).

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Changing strings is easy and every guitarist should do it. Like others said, tonnes of YouTube vids on how to do it. I found the Fender vids nice and concise as well as descriptive.

Just Google a bit and find out what strings your guitar came with so you get the right type. I would replace all the strings as well, unless your whole set was pretty new already.

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Hi KV, definitely do this yourself. In your future as a player, you will break many strings or have them corrode on you so you have to change them out. That is a lot of money in your pocket if you can do it yourself. I find this also gives you an opportunity to clean up your instrument and become more intimately familiar with it. It all helps your playing.

I started early on changing my own strings and followed that up with doing my own setups, improvements and repairs and I have never looked back. There is a good series of 10 videos or so on YT where Justin has his tech showing him and us how to do a thorough setup. Just follow along and take your time. If it is not entirely clear, have a look at one of the numerous videos on the topic and it will all become clear.

For your acoustic, you’ll probably need a set of 12 - 53’s. The brand is entirely your own preference. I have come to love coated strings like Elixir ( Elixir® Strings 16545 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings with NANOWEB® Coating), but also Ernie Ball and other brands carry them. They are a bit more expensive, but tend to last a LOT longer than non coated strings. I live and travel often in a tropical maritime climate and my strings survive with ease for a whole year and longer, and then I only replace them because I think it’s been long enough. Regular strings corrode much faster because of air moisture, salty sea air and acids from your skin oils. I have to replace them every month or more often.

Good luck, you are going on a nice adventure!

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I DID IT!! I strung my guitar. Definitely a learning experience. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions.