My Heart Will Go On - Chord Melody Cover

Hi folks!

I was wondering if you have any advice or feedback on how this looks and sounds? And of course feedback on my playing is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I think my timing could definitely be better and player be smoother (but after few takes I was a bit tired haha). Also the tone isn’t as warm or full as I’d like it to be… I’m not sure if that’s an microphone, guitar or Amp thing just yet

Thank you!

PS: Cover originally based on tabs from


Hello Vin,
that was really beautiful :clap::+1::star_struck:.
Very soulful playing.
Way beyond my level, so cannot offer any other feedback except ‘So well done :clap:!’

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thank you!

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Some really nice playing there Vin, well done. As for your tone it’s all a matter of experimenting to find what you like best.

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Sounded good to me. Beyond my level to offer any other feedback.

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much appreciated!

thanks :slight_smile: I will continue experimenting more

good job! And as others said, I think tone is just something that comes from experimentation

Wonderful playing there Vin. Full of emotion, I really enjoyed it. I’m sure you’ll find the tone you are searching for.

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A great piece, very well played. Well done.

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That was a beautiful cover, I’m into learning chord melody arrangements lately so will have to check out that source.

Re tone, I agree with experimenting to find what you like. One thing you could try is playing it open, don’t have to stick to the original key for an instrumental version.

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Much appreciated! and I hope so :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony!

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thank you! and it was fun to play :slight_smile:

I’m a bit late to the party…this is very beautifully played Vin :heart_eyes: A great job!
Such a beautiful song, it’s in my wishlist to learn :blush: