My Website Account Sign-Up Date?

Any way to find this out? I looked in “Account”, but that info is not available.

A search through my emails “” found a Confirmation Instructions from when I joined up.

Not exactly a party popper experience, but I guess that would tell you.

@Fast-Eddie If you click on your avatar it says joined Dec 15th ‘21. (same as me). That will be the day you joined the new ‘Community’. If we’re on the old ‘Forum’ I suspect the date you joined that will now be lost.

Unfortunately, I must have deleted that email, because my email search turned up nothing :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I was looking for my start date on my web account, not the community, but thanks :+1:

I was trying to remember when I first decided to seriously practice and track my progress. It was sometime around April 2020, but a severe episode of CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) has struck again :thinking: