My Martin Acoustic Guitar D10E cheap don't like the sound

About 6 months since I purchased this cheap Martin guitar about 1000 US Dollars
I am trying to struggle to be positive about the sound.
I read so many good comments about this guitar ofcourse mostly say comparing with the price the sound is good but I find it hard to believe. I am sure there are Yamaha and other brand there that sound much better in same price range .
And every body says it is ALL sold so it is worth the money . However This all solid thing I can’t buy :slight_smile:

How can I say ? How to explain what I feel about the sound?
I was trying hard to find a video comparing some thing like D28 with this guitar but cound not find

The sound seems to come from a big canister .

Does any body have Martin D10E , Am I wrong?

Hi Tom,
Is it from the beginning not to your liking?
I don’t have a Taylor so can’t say anything about that. But did you try some new strings? That could make a world of difference. At least on my acoustic.

In the shop they showed me two guitars same price range and I asked him to play both and I did not look at the guitar , I liked Martin sound , the other one was Taylor. The problem was that I was in a hurry and there were not many choices. I liked Martin and got it.
I changed the string, Yes but this is not a string issue, or pick or what so ever.
It is a Cheap guitar and if it was not because it is Martin I would pay more than 400 dollars for this :slight_smile: I have not tried expensive Martin guitar so I am not sure right now

I’m sorry you wrote Martin and I mentioned Taylor. I’m getting old., pff.
But I would consider a $1000 guitar not to be cheap. Which is relative. And I think you Must be able to get good sound out of it.
Maybe you have become more critical on your playing and sound. I know I stated this and you say it ain’t the strings. But six months with the same strings is long. Imho
But I play it everyday.
Or maybe you got GAS. lol

Dude seriously. not everything has to be a drama.

you bought a (Not cheap) guitar without hearing it now 6 months on you complain about the sound?


Remember that you are paying extra bucks for the brand name on the guitar. If you took away the Martin Logo it would probably cost less.

It sounds like you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t like it and once you’ve reached that place maybe the best thing to do is to trade it in for something else. It doesn’t really matter whether people on here say they sound great or they sound horrible. At least with a premium brand guitar you should get decent money back from it.

I LOVE my Martin. Have you tried changing the strings?

If it has fresh strings and a good setup and you’re not happy with it I’d sell it or trade it in and get a guitar you like better. Martin resale value is relatively good.

What is the Martin you have?

Did you get it from a trusted source? Martins, like other high-end guitars, are counterfeited.

Yes . I need HD28 probably

I have no idea how my Taylor sounds to someone else. Since I’m sitting behind it, and the sound is projected out of the sound hole to the front, what I’m hearing is completely different from what someone in front of me would be hearing.

I tried out a parlor-size Martin at the store. The tone was beautiful when someone else was playing it. It sounded tinny to me when I played it.

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Guitars vary greatly even within the same brand. I’m quite the Taylor fan and I’ve bought several. The first one I bought was a similar story to your Martin. It never got better, strings, etc, didn’t make any difference. I ended up selling it. With the next Taylor that I bought I was much more careful and played it for a lot longer before deciding to buy it. It always sounded great and I’d gladly have another one just like it.

Do you mean both same price range? May I know the Taylor you did not like and the Taylor that you are happy with?

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Yes, both were about $3,000 AU new and I bought them 2nd hand in very good condition, one for $1,600 and one for $1,800. One was a 416ce. The other was a GS-8. The 416ce was the one that didn’t work for me, and that shouldn’t be taken as any reflection on the 416ce. I sold it to a friend and he loves it.

I play mostly fingerstyle and at that time didn’t use a thumb pick so the projection / volume is really important. The 416ce just didn’t have it. I didn’t play it for long enough and was in awe of just being able to buy what was for me a particularly nice / expensive guitar and I mistakenly hoped it would just get better as I got used to it. It never did. It had spruce soundboard and Tasmanian blackwood back and sides.

The GS-8 had spruce soundboard and Indian rosewood back and sides and always had the projection I was after.

Both were similar sized bodies. The friend who loves the 416ce only plays with a plectrum and has a very heavy hand / strumming style so the lack of projection as compared to my fingerstyle just doesn’t apply / matter to him.

Please don’t take my comments to indicate anything bad about the Taylor I didn’t like, it just wasn’t the right guitar for me and I should have paid closer attention when buying it. Thankfully, because I bought and sold it 2nd hand, I didn’t lose any significant money learning that lesson.

Well your guitar is more expensive than mine. My guitar is about 1000 US Dollars.

600 for the brand and 400 for the guitar :slight_smile: I am in Korea and selling it as second hand I will lose a lot of money, it is not easy here. I will probably use it as a practice guitar. speaking frankly I hate everything about this guitar, The touch on the neck is cheap too. I suppose I am a rosewood guy . The finish is satin. The only thing this guitar has is Martin name on it and All Solid claim :slight_smile:

That’s a real bummer. I haven’t taken to Martin guitars the way I have to Taylor. Yet many friends are big Martin fans. Sort of like the Chevy verses Ford debate I think. I do prefer a satin finish by far.

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Listen to this, I played it right now without any effect with just a condenser mic
the strings are 3 months old and I play 1 hour a day

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In that case it

In that case you have nobody to blame but yourself, that’s not the way to shop for a guitar!
You need to play it yourself for a minimum of 10-15 minutes and have time to play at least 4 or more guitars, also you need to have some flexibility in your budget.
The other important thing is to not have the pre-conceived idea of big brand = better, think more like big brand = more expensive!!!
For example a high end Epiphone often sounds better than a low end Gibson, a High end Squier sounds better than a low end Fender and so on.
There is also a lot of knowledge and experience on here to make use of, ask before you buy, there will be a range of options put forward to you.
Be concise about your requirements, give the information about what brands are available to you, all of this is important to help give you advice.

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