My Mate Plays guitar!

Many years ago during my 2nd attempt at learning to play guitar in my early 20s me and my mate went to Paris for a long weekend well one night after a meal and a few beers we ended up at the sacre cur and there were a few people banging on tom toms blowing harmonicas all high on dope my mate got talking to them and suddenly announced “my mate plays guitar” some one thrust one into my hand I only knew one or two songs so had a go at the ballad of john and yoko which seemed to go down well as lennon was deemed a cool guy what a week end that was.


Dang! With friends like that, who needs enemies? Great story and way to have risen to the occasion!

Is the bloke still your mate?

Sounds like a killer trip. Drum circles/tomtom drums in Paris type people dont care. Like justin says, “Keep the strum and smile.”

Everyone will be like. Its all good. :call_me_hand:

Yeah I was best man at his wedding a few years later.

A good friend you are! Unless you used to opportunity for revenge? A toast, after all, is such an opportunity…:japanese_ogre: