My old guitar project is finally finished

I am pretty sure I posted some questions about this guitar a few years ago regarding the removal of a really tough finish. I can’t find the old topic but I ended up sanding too deep and through the figured maple veneer. I was almost ready to completely remove the veneer and start from scratch. It sat in storage for a long time until my daughter decided to make an attempt at re-creating the figuring by hand painting it back on.

Well, I finally got it back from a friend/customer who shot some clear coat on it for me. I think it turned out really nice. Not as smooth as the finish on my PRS SE but it looks pretty good still.

Let me know if you can find the corrections in the figuring…


Looks very nice

Nice job look good.

Looking good

Nice work Kevin, looks lovely!

Hi Kevin,
Wow :star_struck:…congratulations, very well done :clap: :sunglasses:
Greetings Rogier

That looks really nice. Great job there Kevin.


Great job, looks very nice!

Thanks all, but the congrats are deserved by my daughter. And she is off at school and hasn’t even held it yet.

I restrung it with what I think were the strings that came with the kit and while I can’t say that I’ve heard strings that sound better than average, I have now heard how trashy strings sound. I just put some Stringjoy 10s on it and it sounds much better acoustically and through the mediocre pickups.

Now I have more guitars then I have hangers for them. The trouble is I don’t care little enough for any of them to try and sell. Hangers are cheap, I guess!!