My posts are being edited, but I don't see any differences

@Richard_close2u, I see that you edit my posts occasionally, but when I look at the edits, it seems like nothing has changed.

Can you explain? Is there something I should be doing differently, so I can save you the trouble?

Tom, I did some cleaning and tidying in the last few days. This was mainly moving topics to more appropriate places. I recall that some were yours and think they went to General Questions. I don’t recall editing your actual content, just the location. This shows as an edit.

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Oh, right…I see it now.

Though I guess I’m a little surprised.

I make an effort to put things in the proper section (though discovering the proper section can be challenging, as we’ve discussed before).

But in this case, you moved it from Time Feel to General?

I don’t really understand your thinking here, but in future, I can just put all questions into General…it would make both our lives easier, I suppose.

@Tbushell Tom, one of my threads has been moved by Richard too, it was about fretting hand position in general, I posted it also in the “technique fretting hand” section back then. I guess, the technique section is about questions that are directly related to one of Justin’s videos out of this area. Mine was not, it was a general question about relaxing the fretting hand. So it has been moved to “general”, which is totally understandable and I’m fine with that.
But if I was searching about a similar issue by categories, I probably wouldn’t look into the general questions category first.
Doesn’t matter, I’m doing my searches parallel by the magnifier icon anyway.


Justin has a set of Technique Study lessons which includes a topic called “Technique - Fretting Hand”. That topic comprises 10 lessons. Organizationally, these topics and lessons are similar to Modules within Grades. (So Technique > Fretting Hand > Specific Lesson is similar in structure to Beginner Grade 2 > Module 8: YOUR FIRST SCALE, PICK TRICKS & 8TH NOTE STRUMMING > Specific Lesson.) To keep the organization consistent with the rest of the forum, I’d guess Richard is moving any posts that are not in direct response to the specific content of each topic to the General area. In my experience with other areas of the forum, these higher-level topics receive fewer comments than the lessons contained within them. For example, Module 8: YOUR FIRST SCALE, PICK TRICKS & 8TH NOTE STRUMMING has no Community comments.

Which makes sense as folk are unlikely to ask question in the Module intro, which tells you what the module is about. But I am sure the lessons within Module 8 will have plenty of questions and responses, in the lesson specific threads.

From my experience over the years if the question is not lesson specific it will likely be moved to general, assuming its not about gear etc and will most likely be from someone watching a yt vid and not a lesson via the website, ergo a General question non lesson specific. Keeps it tidy and in order. If in doubt use the search facility.

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