My Re-Introduction - Tony from NW London

Hi Everyone, TonyP here, back after a rather long absence. You’ll also see I’m known as Humbucker Hound - it’s not new, it’s my name from the website when it was separate from the community! Anyway, I needed to sort myself out after the second lockdown for various reasons & sort out my guitar learning. I’m now having personal one on one, face-to-face lessons & started these about 5 weeks ago & they have been a real shot in the arm. I’ve made more progress in the last 5 weeks than in all the months before. Please note that this is not in any way a reflection on JustinGuitar, I’m still a great fan of JS. I just needed strategies etc., to deal with my old finger injury that only the immediate feedback from a teacher can provide. It has started me in a bit of a different place but there is also much that co-incides with Justin’s program, so it’s all really good.
I also started meditation as well (still adapting to it & working on it becoming a daily habit) & it has also been a real help.
I have missed you guys, I really enjoy the comaraderie & the friendship on here. (And yep, I can still waffle!!!) :slight_smile:

I hope & trust everyone is well & enjoying life.
Take care guys.
Catchup soon. :+1:


Hey Tony, great to hear from another Tony. Can’t have too many Tonys in this world!!! :smiley:

Good to hear you’ve got your groove back.

Hi Tony,
Good to have you back …not that I missed you because I was hardly ever there…but old souls have helped the younger with their wisdom…

disturbing statements :joy:

How nice and good that you have a live guitar teacher :sunglasses:
I would like to follow your accelerated process,…


Great that you are having a positive experience with in-person lessons. I have not been keen to try it, because of poor past experience with in-person music teaching, but good news stories are always nice to hear. If I hear enough of those sorts of stories, I might even give it another go some day :slight_smile:

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Hi Tony. Welcome back. Good to know that you have overcome some issues and obstacles and are reaping the rewards.

It took me quite a while to find a teacher that was available. I really wanted face to face but most were online only which I understand & were more often than not booked out or the times weren’t compatible. Some also did home visits but that wasn’t an option for me either as I live in a shared house & space in my room would be a real problem! I don’t have any other experiences to compare with but the teacher I have seems really good, I’m making progress so I’m happy with that. And of course I have JustinGuitar of which we all know is a brilliant resource.

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Hi Richard, Thank you. Great to be back on here. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Tony. :slight_smile:

We all have to do what works for us. I hope you achieve what you want to this time.

Welcome back, Tony. Good to hear you have found the way to learn that works for you, nothing wrong with face-face teacher supplemented with JustinGuitar and the community.

Hi David,
Thank you. Really good to hear from you. Yes, it’s all good. The lessons with a teacher are giving me more confidence & the instant feedback helps deal with the ‘biomechanical’ finger issues that have plagued my mind more than anything else. There will be some limitations, can’t do anything about that but I’m working on what I can do & (trying) not worrying about what I can’t! :slight_smile: :+1:

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