My ring finger seems glued to my middle finger!

I know I need to give it more time but is anyone else having problems doing the Spock greeting where your first and middle finger are together and your ring and pinky fingers are together and you make that spread in between?

I have pretty good finger independence. I do the spider and the crab walk exercises. It is still a bit awkward telling the middle finger to stay down as I try to lift the ring finger but it is improving. I also do finger stretching exercises. But my ring and middle finger just do not want to separate from each other. I will keep on keeping on with it but I just wanted to know if others are finding, or have found, it difficult to separate these two fingers.


Michael, I don’t have difficulty with the Vulcan greeting. If only all the rest of the guitar-related finger control, dexterity, and stretch was as easy. All I can say is to be patient and persist. I’m into my 6th year of learning from Justin and there are things which I found near impossible in year 1 that I can now do.

I can’t do the Spock greeting. Couldn’t before, still can’t after a few months of guitar. Hasn’t held me back so far. Some chord changes required significant slow repetition, but got there in the end.

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Live long and prosper. I can do the Spock greeting no problem with my right (strumming) hand. Not so great with my left hand.

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I have no issue with the Spock thing on my left or right, but I still can’t really separate the middle and ring finger on the fretting hand well. Very different movements actually.

Clearly, long time players overcome this. They get some more stretch and they have more control. But physiologically this is always going to be there.

It probably takes many years before it seems to be a non-issue through long term changes to finger flexibility and control, but likely more due to practice and experience.

Just keep keeping on! I think this falls into the “normal” category of guitar learning and frustration.

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Thanks for the replies. Misery loves company or some such like that. I will persevere!

Same here. I guess it’s because even fingerstyle playing doesn’t require that much movement from the fingers on the picking hand.