My Rory Stratocaster

This is my Rory Strat. It is based on the specs of Rory Gallagher’s guitar:

It has a MIM Road Worn body and a MIM Robert Cray signature neck which is 60’s style but with a 9.5 inch radius and jumbo frets. The tuners, trem/bridge, jack socket, strap buttons are all reliced and I think are Fender Custom Shop. The wiring is from a MIA 62 reissue but I modded it like Rory’s so the tone now works on the bridge pickup too. The pick ups are Fender 57/62.

For a long time this was my main guitar but I have since acquired some MIA bodies and one of these has a MIM player neck on it which at the time I bought it has a 12" radius. That’s the same as a Les Paul which I also play so I tend to favour that now. However, I’m not too sure I can tell the differences between neck radii when playing.


Beautiful guitar, and what a player Rory was. All the best with it :+1:

Beautiful :exclamation:Enjoy :exclamation: :sunglasses:

I’ve put Bare Knuckle “Irish Tour” pickups in my Strat back in 2008, chasing Rory’s scorching tones and style :smiley: | Most underrated guitarist ever!

@LievenDV What do you think of the “Irish Tour” pickups? I’m tempted by those and the PG Greenie out-of-phase Humbuckers

Looks great!

Can’t beat a bit of Mr G !
That’s a lovely Rory sir.

Looks cool, dig it, but I can’t hear it from my house. :wink:

They are great; hot and expressive. They don’t make up for my mediocre lead work though :smiley: I found the pickups in my MiM strat a bit dull and soft, these have a bit more bite. It’s not that it is a world of difference though. a usable volume knob and (treble)boosting an amp over breakup point does more to your tone