My Second AVOYP :) (Kasam Ki Kasam)

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on my first AVOYP. It gave me a lot of courage and confidence. As some of you suggested, I did a landscape video this time around to give a better look of my playing. Waiting for some great feedback’s on this one. Though my video quality might not be up to the mark but tried :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry for another Bollywood song :grin: I am working on some English songs too.



I don’t know the song obviously but your strumming is steady and consistent.

Your voice is able to manager higher pitches but you seem to be hitting a certain ceiling; when going over that, you suddenly losing a lot pitch stability. Standing up does a great deal for that!
Why not lose the cpao on this one? give you half a note extra “safe range” :smiley:

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Well done Bhushan! Really enjoyed that mate.
You have a nice cruisy rhythm in your playing, and a good voice to match. You’re making great progress. Lookin forward to the next one.

Cheers, Shane

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Sounds pretty good to me. Nice even strumming and you are getting a nice tone out of the guitar. I do not know the song, but sounded pretty good! Keep it up!

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Bhushan, keep the Bollywood coming :smile: it’s great to hear!

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Hi Bhushan,

Apparently I like to listen to bollywood :sunglasses: :clap: … for the rest, Lieven has already said the good thing…

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Don’t apologise for the Bollywood songs, they’re great.

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Thank you Everyone :slight_smile: LievenDV Thank you so much for the advice. I will surely give it a try. :+1:

Enjoying this, do not know the song but is really good. Does not matter if Bollywood or wherever, music is music.

Sounds great! You’ve got a good voice - I wish I could sing in tune :smile:

Very enjoyable Bhushan, nice playing, tidy chord changes and steady rhythm. Don’t apologise either for doing another Bollywood song, it’s nice to get different music from around the world.