My second upload

Title . Sweet love is mine. By Legends of the lost an original recording by me

Hi guitar folks

I had such a good response when I uploaded my first recording, that it has encouraged me to upload another of my recordings.

None of this would have been possible without Justin’s guitar lessons.

The lessons have enabled me to reach a stage of courage and competence in my guitar journey.

I remember the days of not being able to hold a chord down properly and having very painful fingers.

Unfortunately I don’t have any recordings of my early guitar playing, because I never seemed to play anything all the way through.

As I had said in my previous first upload, I have been playing badly for years, but Justin’s lesson helped me structure my playing, and brought me to where I am now.

I’ve been a bit hesitant about uploading my music because some people might not agree that this is what the community site is all about, but I wanted to share where Justin’s lessons have got me to. I’m still not confident about playing live, but recording suits me and I think it’s the way I want to go.
All lyrics, instruments, arrangements, recording mixing and mastering by me. Legends of the lost .
Anyway, to everyone who has ever picked up a guitar, keep on strumming and above all have fun doing it .

Thanks for listening to my song.

I look forward to your feedback



Your playing very well. This composition (does it have a title?) and production are excellent. There are hints of Gerry Rafferty in there. Good music, well played - surely exactly what the sites all about.


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