My Way (F. Sinatra) - cover

Hello everyone!
On March 1, 2024, I found out that I definitely had to do a cover of this great song.
It wasn’t easy to decide on this, and I listened to a dozen covers in different styles, from jazz to punk. The version from Mark Tremonti seemed to me the most suitable, and I took it as the basis for my arrangement.
However, starting from the last verse and in the solo, I, as usual, allowed myself to frolic a little on the bass guitar :laughing:
When recording an acoustic guitar part, I had to use a number of previously unknown chords, for example, Hm7/5-, or A9sus4 - I didn’t even know that such existed :wink:
I recorded the guitar through a condenser microphone, I also used a bass guitar, a midi keyboard (piano and flute) and drums from Addictive Drums 2x64.
If anyone is interested, I also put out separate guitar tracks, there are three tracks - the left and right channels, as well as a solo at the end, with all their artifacts :crazy_face:

Enjoy listening and please feel free to comment.


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Very good guitar playing and singing too.


Good job


Hi Leo,
Well, I would never have expected you to cover old blue eye… yet, here you are with one of his best classics. I liked your take on it. Vocals were good, though very different in some ways to Frank’s. Good production and play as well. Just a nice cover of a great song in my book.

Now that you are on a “Sinatra” role, I have a request of my favorite tune by him. New Your, New York! I actually think it more fits your style that this one. So lets hear it Leo!

All the best,

Wow Leo. I think you have surpassed yourself, setting a new standard. What a wonderful arrangement, performance and production of an all time great song. Too many highlights to call all out, but thought the acoustic solo at the end was superb.

Morning Leo,
I must say I was a bit disappointed when I clicked on the link and was ‘only’ treated to some tasty acoustic guitar :roll_eyes:
I missed those slightly raspy, edgy vocals with a hint of darkness…
But hey presto, click the link below and there’s the whole kit and caboodle. The full one-man-band back together :smiley:
For some weird reason during the second half, I pictured myself sitting in a German beer-tent swaying back and forth, clapping in time :open_mouth: :rofl:
Good stuff again, my friend

@Libitina , @LBro , @DavidP , @brianlarsen
Thank you, friends, for taking time to listen and write.
And thanks for warm comments :slightly_smiling_face:
LB, I promise to look towards this song.
Brian, hope you haven’t been flooded with Cyrillic spam :crazy_face:


Leo, yet another departure for you. Man, that’s a iconic song, and you did it with class. Loved that solo, too - actually the whole song was great!

I had to stop listening after about 20 seconds because I literally got vertigo from the side-to-side shifting of the guitar parts. The playing sounded really good, though, so I would love to listen to all of it. Maybe I’ll give it another go later on - could be that I’m particularly sensitive right now, or maybe I’ll try without headphones.

Lovely arrangement Leo, I enjoyed it!
As always with your music, it sounds like professional level playing and production. Top class for sure.

Wow that was something different Leo! Old blue eyes!
Super stuff, I really enjoyed that.

Leo…I listened twice: first time in religious silence as I was mesmerised by the way you made your guitar sing along with the vocals…but then I had to re-listen and sing along all the way through! What to say…this is just sooo beautiful, a real treat to my ears! Thanks a lot for sharing it!

@oldhead49, @jacobbonde, @Boris1565, @sairfingers, @SILVIA
Thank you guys for taking the time to listen and write!
Jacob, I’m sorry that I made you uncomfortable with my arrangement :slightly_smiling_face:
Dave, this is really iconic song, and I decided to do this cover only because on March 01, this song was sunk into the grave of a great man - “the last romantic of Russia”. And yesterday could have been his 48th birthday. I’m talking about Alexey Navalny.

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I know of whom you speak. A fitting tribute, Leo.